Highland, IL sign supports Duck Dynasty’s right to free speech

Posted on: 3:20 pm, December 19, 2013, by , updated on: 10:03am, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty Support

(KTVI) – Supporters of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson are coming to his defense after he was suspended by cable network A+E following a controversial magazine interview.

Robertson told GQ Magazine that sinful behavior can start with homosexuality and morph into things like bestiality. He also described African Americans before the civil rights era as “singing and happy.”

In the St. Louis area, a viewer shared a photo from a neighborhood in Highland, Illinois where one fan said Robertson’s right to free speech had been trumped by political correctness.

Nationally, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin are voicing similar support.



  • JAH1972 says:

    thanks proudto be a red neck. Yes we do hunt but we eat what we kill. Been going on since man walked the earth!!!!!!!!

  • Rob says:

    Congrats A&E! Looks like your publicity stunt worked.

  • Dan says:

    Oh look everybody, Morgan says it’s “end of story”. Aren’t we all lucky!

    Meanwhile, back with the adults, it does strike me that AE took the chickensh!t route. There is no doubt sponsorship is important, but the line between private and personal rights has become too blurred. I may not agree w/most of what he said, but I think he should be able to say it w/fear or reprisal. Loosing your job over a comment unrelated to the show is, in my book, reprisal.

  • Koal says:

    Will no longer watch this show and cant support A&E for this stunt they pulled. The man prays at the end of every show what did u think his view was?!

  • KevD says:

    That’s cute and all, but I’m sure DD/ A&E would rather you BUY some merchandise to show support since, after all, that’s what this little publicity stunt is all about.

  • marc says:

    very of proud of Phil from an canadian that loves him
    happy happy happy :)

  • Bob says:

    Who cares

  • Edd says:

    Well, Phil you have the right to say what you think and feel, just as A&E has the right to suspend or fire you.

    • Would You Look at That says:

      rest assured… this isn’t going to bother Phil one bit…

    • Bklyngurl says:

      Totally agree with you Edd. Besides the fact that Phil has showed all us intelligent people what an uneducated idiot he is, rich or poor, he really sounds like trailer trash.

  • Doug says:

    All this support for Phil is admirable, but it isn’t the point being made. His life became his workplace once he signed up to be a celebrity. These were not private comments protected by the first amendment. These were public comments, and though his right, are also under the prevue of his employer.

  • memegunz says:

    It IS HIS faith and beliefs. He has every right to have an opinion and his job has every right to not have him as an employee for HIS opinion. The bible was written by men, NOT GOD. It is all by different mens interpretation of what THEY think GODs words meant. IT IS NOT GODS word! As ignorant Americans we have a right to our opinions and others have the right to have an opinion about your opinion! All is fair in racist America!

  • Ronnie says:

    My family is boycotting A&E also Disney which owns 50% of a&e. Over 6 and a half million tuned out to a&e last night, sponsors are starting to dump A&E! Keep the boycott going until phil is back on the show! Hit a&e and Disney were it hurts the pockets!

    • PaytonB says:

      So, you’re going to bully them? They have every right to decide who they do, and do not want to represent them. They don’t want Phil to represent them, and that’s their decision, not yours.

  • ByeByeToTheRite says:

    Wow, I’m surprised he was able to spell all the word on his sign correctly! Must have looked them up on the web!

  • Phil is a lying drunk womanizer, all duck dynasty cast are fake, they never dressed in camo and had beards till the show. THEY LIE AND GOD HATES LIARS…..

  • PaytonB says:

    Free speech only protects you from the government. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand that.

  • maynard says:

    freedom of speach… this just shows you how this country is going down the and tubes because people in high places do not want you to be able to voice your beliefs big government at work here and the average U.S.citizen does not even see this.

  • bs1 says:

    I’m a lifelong devout athiest and I think his views are ignorant, however he expressed his religious views outside the workplace setting. Religion is protected under employment law so he may well have a strong case against A&E.

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