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Man charged with fatal hit and run

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(KTVI) – Police have charged a man for a deadly hit and run in north St. Louis County.

Cedric Marion, 17, was hit by a pickup truck while walking at Chambers and Green Valley Saturday night.

He died later at a hospital.

A witness caught the license plate of the truck. That led police to arrest Redmond Harris, 47.

He’s charged with involuntary manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a revoked license.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    It doesn’t say here in the story, but this guy either MUST have been drinking, or he must not be very wealthy. How do I know this? Because he would not have been charged with anything if he wasn’t violating religious moral laws against drinking or if he were wealthy, or maybe a driver for a corporate America trucking company. He could have said he thought he hit a deer, like the latest example of a driver getting out of hitting and killing a bicyclists, then leaving the scene – he was a truck driver for corporate America, and no immoral drinking was involved, so he got off scott free! It’s OKAY then, you understand, to hit and kill people, and leave the scene if you’re wealthy or not drinking! So this guy, unless he can come up with some wealth or show he hadn’t had a drop to drink that night, may actually face responsibility for this!

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