Viral Video: Dog says “no” to kennel

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(KTVI) – There are lots of dogs who don’t like to go into their kennel, but how many of them actually speak to express their disdain. Blaze, a loveable husky hates his kennel so much that he says “no.”

The 11-month-old uses his weight to keep from going into his kennel even though his owner asks him to go repeatedly.

The video was posted to YouTube earlier this month and has been seen more than 2 million times.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Would YOU want to go into a kennel? It’s basically a very small jail cell. I know the debate rages among dog trainers – is the kennel a good idea? Should dogs ALWAYS be put into a kennel to sleep at night? Should dogs EVER be put into a kennel?

    My own experience says the kennel is a useful and necessary way to train and protect a dog – I think a dog should be trained to happily go into a kennel – for short periods of time, even maybe while an owner is away during the day.

    But I think making a dog sleep in a kennel every night, especially if it’s small one, is just not right. Dogs like to stretch and move around at night just as we do, and they can’t in a cramped kennel. I just think it’s mean to make a dog sleep in a kennel.

    So if this Husky’s kennel is too small, I don’t blame him one bit for complaining – I’d complain, too!

    • A.Schaper

      my husky only goes to kennel when no one is home for her safety so she doesnt chew on something that can kill her. other wise she sleeps with us and has a whole bedroom to move around (which she uses all night and is constantly moving to a new spot).

  • PinkPoodle`

    I have a large kennel in my living room because some of my visitors and small children are afraid of dogs. Therefore, for the my protection and the comfort of my guests, I will put my dog in the kennel. If the visits are long, I will put my dog in my bedroom. The kennel is not for sleeping but sometimes when I’m looking for my dog, I find her alseep in her kennel. When I run errands, my dog gets on my sofa or the recliner which she thinks she owns!

  • DogsRock

    Our dog loves his cage- we let him sleep in our room when he wants.. a lot of times he just goes in there when we are shutting down shop.

  • Tina Dawid

    Mishka is still better. She says I LOVE you! Lol but this is cute. My pitbull loves his cage and goes in on his own, but we never lock him in it the door is always left open.

  • Sh

    I’d recommend “Crate Games” a video about training enthusiasm for the crate. For some dogs, an X-pen might be a better option.

  • tamara

    I also think forcing a dog into a small kennel is awful i have three huge dogs and they all sleep with me. They are my other kids and i wouldnt put my kid in there so i wont put my dog in there. My rule of thumb is if you wouldnt do it to your kid then dont do it to your dog. Dogs are alot like children that never mature

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