New Missouri bill proposes “Death by firing squad” for executions

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri state law currently allows inmates facing the death penalty to be killed by lethal injections or gas. A new bill proposed to the state legislature proposes that executions be added to the mix.

The firing squads proposed in the bill consists of five law enforcement officers chosen by the state corrections director.

Read more from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Mo. bill would allow execution using firing squad

Read the bill online:


  • William Hall

    This would be great…Would save lives from some idiot thinking he could get away with murder only being shot by a .44 in the chest.

  • Gia

    I think more people who have it in their mind to commit crimes would be turned off on the thought that if caught they could die instantly and be executed by a firing squad rather than lethal injection which allows them to live longer which would make those kind of people think twice before doing anything illegal or harmful to others????

  • miranda

    … hell start with a shot to the toe then the knee then the hand then the chest.. hell ya shoot the fuckers!

  • Christian

    Brothers and sisters,

    You astound me. Are you so quick to deal out death and judgement upon your fellow man?

    Truly, do you believe that a life for a life evens any odds?

    If a man kills another man, and you then take his life in payment for the crime, what lesson is learned? That the state is as guilty as the offender?
    Then not only does the family of the victim get harmed, but the family of the offender is harmed as well.

    If a man kills a man, spends the rest of his life in prison, and then learns the err of his ways, is justice not still done?

    It is folly to believe that death justifies death. It is an obsolete punishment that harms so many more than it helps.

    • Buddy

      @Christian. You asked this–
      “If a man kills another man, and you then take his life in payment for the crime, what lesson is learned? That the state is as guilty as the offender?”

      The lesson isn’t learned by the offender, but rather by society as a whole. If you take a life, it is wrong, and you shall be punished. PERIOD. Lesson learned. NORMAL people in society will get the message, and not kill anyone. The criminals, thugs, drug addicts, and lunatics will continue to kill, until we can catch them and end their killing spree by TEACHING A LESSON.

  • Amanda

    To those opposed and I am not…. This shouldn’t be an issue. This is more human anyway. The time, expense involved in an injection is more tormenting to the doomed and this is quicker. Walk in, no waiting for cables and iv lines, it’s done. This makes more sense by far.

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