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Photographer trying to locate mystery bride and groom

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(CNN)-- A Florida photographer says she was randomly asked to take pictures at the wedding of a couple she didn't know.

That was four years ago, and she was never able to deliver the photos the bride and groom.

Now she's trying to track them down.

It was a romantic beach wedding on Valentine’s Day 2010, but for the photographer who took the pictures, who this couple is, is a mystery.

Daralyn Teasdale talked with us on Skype from Michigan this week.

She says she was trying out her brand new Nikon camera at the beach inCrystal River when she says someone from the wedding asked her to start taking pictures.

From snapshots of the ceremony, to the typical sunset poses after, Teasdale took dozens of pictures and up until today the couple hasn't seen a single one of them.

In a race against time, Teasdale is now turning to local media to help find the couple before their 4th anniversary.

About 50 people attended the wedding, most of them family, and Teasdale is hoping someone recognizes them.

It could be a Valentine’s Day to remember, but only time will tell if a news watcher turns into a newsmaker to reunite the photographer with the couple.

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