Mother returns to find girls tattooed with babysitter

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Daniel Janney, Melissa Delp and Alexander Michael Edwards. Images courtesy of

CAMPBELL COUNTY, VA – A mother and her boyfriend left the kids at home in the care of a family friend. When they got back they found the pre-teen girls tattooed. The babysitter is accused of tattooing the children without consent. What made matters worse is what the boyfriend is accused of doing next. Investigators say he tried to remove the tattoos by burning them off with a hot razor blade.

One of the girls had her name tattooed on her shoulder according to WSET-TV.

The girl’s mother, Melissa Delp, now faces charges for malicious wounding and felony child neglect. Investigators say Delp did nothing to stop her boyfriend, Daniel Janney, from removing the tattoos. He is also charged with malicious wounding and child neglect.

Alexander Edwards, the man investigators say gave the girls the tattoos, is charged with abduction, malicious wounding, and child neglect.


    • D Osborne

      If you leave a babysitter with your kids and s/he does something illegal with them then it’s abudiciton since the actions went beyond your intentions. It’s the same as if he took them to a strip club or a drug deal.

  • uluvme

    Why were 2 preteen girls left alone with a teenage boy as a sitter?…something dont sound right about this story!…

  • Paula Taylor

    Kids will be kids time would of taking care of there lesson!
    They would of hated the Tatoo as they got older anyway,
    The boyfriend would be asking GOD to save him from me!!!
    This Mother need mental help if she is still with him!

  • kelli

    First thing is you don’t leave your teen daughters with a teen boy… and thencome home pissed off because your teen daughters are tattooed…must not care who watches your kids.. And how old was these teen girls anyways?? The mother and boyfriend should never be able to have there children back… They dont sound very responsible… Plus lets put our children in more pain then what they already went through getting the tattoo… This is how children learn… Let them make there own mistakes don’t make there mistakes for them… dumb parents now days…

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