Snow day for some means trip to the St. Louis Zoo

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- It was a cold quiet day at the zoo, and that's exactly why these three friends braved some below average temperatures.

"Oh we actually made our full loop we're on our way back around," says Tim Rekart.  "One thing about the cold is you got to make your plan very straightforward.  You don't want to pause at a section and get cold."

Temperatures in the teens kept most away from the zoo, which was open. It was like having the place to yourself. The Takins were taking it all in.

"Which are similar to Rocky Mountain goats, they come from the high mountain through the Himalayas," says Jack Grisham, the Vice President of Animal Collections at the St. Louis Zoo.  "So we always have animals that are outside that love this kind of weather.  If it's a little too cool to be outside we have nice warm buildings that the guest can come into."

The Herbitarium, Primate House, Birdhouse, Jungle of the Apes, Children`s Zoo and Insectarium were all open and warm, but the great outdoors was calling the snow leopard which slept.

Some rams sat in silence.

"All the animals that need to come inside are brought in the fall," says Grisham.  "But we have plenty of ducks and geese out on the lakes so people can come and watch."

In a quiet zoo you might run into a llama out for a daily walk. They like to smell your breath, which you could see, see.

"The sea lions," says Grisham. "They've got a temperature controlled pool.  They can be out there all the time.  We get cold watching them, but it's a great place to go."

Especially on a cold quiet day, at the zoo.