Extreme winter weather wiping out wine grape crop

AUGUSTA, MO (KTVI)-- In parts of the county, the extreme winter weather is already wiping out this spring's wine grape crop.

In Missouri wine country, they are praying a little harder because if the polar vortex becomes a little more polar or keeps coming back a little longer, some grape vines could be lost forever.

It hasn't happened yet, but in places like northern Ohio, subzero temperatures are destroying grape vines past the point of no return.

So far, grape growers in Augusta have seendamage only to the tips of their vines, ruling out a bumper crop, but not doing any permanent damage.

For Missouri wineries, the biggest effect of the cold is not in the vineyard, it’s in the courtyard.

Winter tourism at Mt. Pleasant is down by more than half.

And as it turns out, Missouri wineries could actually benefit from the cold.

The smaller the supply, the higher the profit. So they'll drink to that.

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