Are new data recorders on cars an invasion of privacy?

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The St. Louis Auto Show is in full swing. The show opened at noon Thursday.

The headliners are the all new GMC Canyon and the Chevy Colorado, both of which will be built at GM's Wentzville plant.

95 percent of new cars are now equipped with a data recorder that tracks how fast you go and how you drive. Now, a federal law mandates the device in all new cars. And we asked folks here is this too much information?

Federal law now mandates that all new cars come equipped with devices called event data recorders or EDR`s.  They`re designed to help discover what happened after an accident.

These devices can record everything, sort of like a black box in an airplane, and how fast you were going, whether you were wearing your seat belt, whether or not you used a turn signal when you changed lanes. So it`s a safety device, but is it surrendering entirely too much privacy?

None of the car company representatives we talked to at the auto show say they`re qualified to talk about the event data recorders. But in an era of cell phone tracking, NSA snooping, and corporate data collecting, potential customers had plenty to say.

But the event data recorders raise a fourth amendment question, should law enforcement have to get a warrant to access the information?

But it`s not just new cars. Around 150 million older vehicles in the United States, already have the event data recorders installed.

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  • t

    of course its an invasion of privacy but Liberals dont care when they are in Charge. Im not a left or right, but I know that if a repuke did this loons like byebye would be screaming impeachment

  • Joseph Musial

    Since some drivers now days seem to think they do not have to signal when changing lanes, come to a complete stop at a traffic control device, ( a stop sign or stop light ) or claim they were doing the speed limit when most of them do not, it’s a great idea. This device will help law enforcement to determine who is at fault.

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