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Some find American flag on “Freedom Waste” garbage trucks disrespectful

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img_20140115_082429-1St. Louis, MO (KTVI) – A waste hauling company in Farmington is causing controversy over their use of the American flag. The company is called “Freedom Waste.” Many people are posting to their facebook page that they are upset with the way the American flag is painted on the garbage trucks.

A FOX 2 viewer sent this image into our website. The person wrote, “I find this company’s use of the American flag very disrespectful. If they wanted to paint it on the side of their truck that would be one thing, but to paint the flag on the part of the truck that actually crushes garbage was a little much for me. The image of the American flag is covered in garbage day in and day out. I hope that you can possibly share this photo and get enough attention directed toward their company that they decide to change their trucks. Thank you.”

Others have voiced their opinion on the company’s facebook page:


More: https://www.facebook.com/FreedomWaste


  • David Boyer

    Hi my name is David Boyer sergeant in the United States Army also friend of owner of freedom waste llc. I am veteran of oef. You will hardly find anyone more patriotic then the owner of freedom waste he is very proud to be apart of such a great nation and would never want to disrespect the American flag. Now remember these are my words not anyone else’s. Whoever would think that he meant any disrespect by what he has done is just ignorant and I challenge you to sit down and have a conversation with the owner to find out more about the meaning of the name he choose instead of jumping to conclusions

    • Mike McClanahan

      That is a contradiction. He squashes trash with an image of our flag. The company uses the flag as PR to get more business. All these things violate the flag code. But the owner has a friend that was in the military so it’s cool.

      • ByeByeToTheRite

        Mike, I think the avatar of the other Mike holding an assault rifle is far more offensive than the patriotic images painted on that trash truck. More suitable for Iraq or Iran than the United States.

        Get over it. There are FAR greater problems in this here land of ours.

    • Richard T. Cunningham

      First of all God Bless you for your service to our country. When I read this article my first impression was that here is a man who’s passion and pride for this country is in every aspect of his life. Maybe he went
      a little far with the flag on the crusher. But I’m 100% certain the last
      thing he meant was disrespect. As far as questioning this man’s patriotism, I would back him up any day. My daughter is an Afghan Vet
      (USMC) suffering PTSD/TBI. As a Son of the American Legion, I volunteer to help our elder Veterans from WWII,Korea, Vietnam, even
      the 1St Gulf war. I”m with PEP and help with our Wounded Heroes at Walter Reed Hospital. There are more important things to be done than
      Attack this Great American.

    • Scott J, Richmond VA

      Let your buddy know he is greatly appreciated, in the round, for providing a needed service, jobs and for his heartfelt expression of appreciation. I love the guy citing the flag code…. I can see them selectively applying the code to suit their whims… Guess they’d need to prohibit flags on tee shirts on the 4th if uniformly applied..

  • Mason Saban

    Obviously these guys are not out to target the mis-use of the American flag, obviously they are out to use the American flag as leverage against the owner, or they would be doing the same against the hundreds of companies that have the american flag as part of their company logo. So Mike McClanahan, Mike Giddens, and Eric Turkleson what trash company do you three peas in a pod work for?

  • Ken

    Uhm The Tea Party just wants America back!!!!!!!!!!! You always talk about the Republicans but never about the Democrats and how they bash women, or how they have designed a flag that has the Failure in Chief OBUMMER plastered where the stars are in the blue field.
    So before you start pointing fingers mr bye bye to the right, I suggest very strongly that you look at both sides of the fence before falling to one side or the other, one of these times you may just hit a land mine and its all going to blow up in your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      I’ve been looking at both sides of the fence since 1980 when Reagan brainwashed half the population and hijacked our nation’s progress, in the name of making the rich richer. And the Democratic side, while not perfect and yes, still somewhat corrupt (they are, after all, still privileged people born into wealth, for the most part) is the FAR BETTER side for my own prosperity. All the Tea Party wants to do is tax me to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy, so the rich don’t have to face “higher taxes” which never seems to apply to the working middle class. Maybe you’ll figure that out someday.

      Oh, good luck with your Tea Party candidates in the coming two elections! Polls show only about 30% of Americans want them. Too bad.

      • sloopjb

        Nothing you say here is of any substance or witnessed by fact or logic. Liberal talking points demonstrate nothing to any debate. Assailing other people adds nothing. You are ill-informed on Reagan and conservatives.

  • RBN

    All of you upset by this need more to do with your day. This should not bother you. Go read a book or volunteer or walk a dog.

    • Justin Welhaus

      Sure it should. It’s things like this that people let go and before you know it, there is no more respect for you, your country, etc. People need to be a little more conscience of what they do.

  • Justin Welhaus

    There is a garbage service company in Connecticut (CT) that’s called ‘All American Waste.” This name is written on the sides of the part of the truck that compresses the trash. It has the American flag colors and a flag painted in this area as well. I get annoyed every time I see these trucks in CT. I get what they are saying, but it just sounds bad, or without taste. See the link below:


  • Jesse White

    That flag represents this great country of ours perfectly as the owner has used it. This country was built and founded on hard working men and women waking up every day, getting dirty, going home and cleaning up and then going out and doing it again.
    This truck isn’t owned and maintained by a big national chain like Waste Management, this is Freedom Waste out of Farmington Missouri these guys are people trying hard to run a small business, the American dream, and are paying homage to that, anyone too stupid to see this is small minded and understands nothing of the nation whose flag they claim to be protecting.

    • Scott J, Richmond VA

      Appreciate your post Jesse! I’m in VA but know that your local station ginned this up. Do me a favor and call the station and ask them how many jobs they’ve created in the past ten years. They’ll dodge it knowing that they have dumped workers because of emerging media technologies over these past years, resulting in a net loss of jobs.

  • Scott J, Richmond VA

    LOL.. I called freedom early this morning leaving a message of support. Theirs is not any abuse of the flag but the sincere statement of patriotic respect and affection of a productive citizen. Those lapel pins embellishing the collars of all manner of trash in DC are the real tragedies.
    To Freedom’s critics I suggest exploring the print in side the tongue of the shoes you have on before patriotically placing your foot on the neck of another.

  • Larry

    To all you complainers, how many of you fly the flag in front of your homes? Today more than ever before we need our flag flying everywhere we can fly it.
    Do you fly your flag?

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