Justin Bieber’s arrest raising awareness of popular teen drug

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-It’s been around for years, but there are new concerns about homemade drink teenagers are using to get high. Justin Bieber’s Miami DUI arrest Thursday morning has brought it into the spotlight. It’s a homemade drink known as Sizzurp, a combination of prescription strength cough syrup, sprite, and a hard candy, like Jolly Ranchers, used to add flavor.

The codeine cough syrup is highly addictive and, at high doses, could kill you. It can also cause seizures hallucinations, memory loss, and liver damage. Sizzurp is also known by the names “lean” and “purple drank”.

Last year, the Missouri Poison Center dealt with seven Sizzurp overdoses.

The Missouri Poison Center recommends talking to your children about prescription medication and the dangers. And always clean out your medicine cabinets of old and unused medication.

For more on Sizzurp and its side effects, click here.

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  • clm

    once again its making the news because a white kid has beem caught drinking it. kids in urban areas have been drinking that for years. where was the news when that problem began then.

  • Brandon

    Yes it is what Trayvon was up to. It wasn’t ice tea. It was a drink made by Airzona Ice Tea call Watermelon Punch. The media didn’t want to report that because watermelon is stereotypical to a certain race. It came out in the trial that he had purchased the sugary drink (it doesn’t necessary have to be Sprite) and the candy(and yes Skittles it’s one of the most popular for making the “Lean”). Text messages to his friend he was headed to meet up with confirmed his friend already had the cough suryp, …that’s where he was headed,….to get high. The fact that he had a hoddie on had nothing to do with him getting killed, it was the fact that he was bashing Zimmerman’s head into the concrete is what got him shot.

  • Mac

    So you’re saying a grown man who pursued a minor should shoot him because he was losing the fight that he had provoked? Not saying Trayvon was some great kid, but your logic is misguided. Zimmerman was not wrong according to the law, but if you think how that played out was “morally” justifiable then you are sadly mistaken. People like Zimmerman flood urban areas. They’re the same cowards who run and grab a gun because of personal differences with someone and end up shooting innocent bystanders. You really agreeing with Zimmerman’s actions using a moral compass.

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