Storm dumps 4 to 13 inches of snow across the St. Louis region

Posted on: 9:27 am, February 3, 2014, by , and , updated on: 09:32am, February 5, 2014

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The latest snow storm blanketed the city of St. Louis with nearly 5 inches of snow.   But residents in Hannibal, Mo. 13 inches on the ground.

Snow fall totals varied across the region in both Illinois and Missouri with the average totaling just over six inches.

Here are some of the accumulation totals from around the area:

Hannibal, MO – 13 inchesCarlinville, IL – 8 inches
Hamburg, IL – 7.7 inches
Foley, MO — 7 inches
Dardenne Prairie, MO – 5.9 inches
Lake St. Louis -  5.6 inches
Florissant, MO – 5.2 inches
St. Louis City – 4.5 inches

Temperatures on Wednesday stay in the lower 20s and upper teens. Dangerously cold winds will be around tonight and tomorrow.



  • STL says:

    Yeah, I knew that somewhat pleasant summer was gonna come back to bite us. I am soooo over this snow.

  • none none says:

    i know right? wonder how the weather is in michigan right now? maybe its warmer there?!?!?1

    • Angelicia Schaffer says:

      No actualty it’s not warm lol I know someone who lives there and they have been under snow as well. And tomorrow they get another five inches. This snow is something else, I just moved here over a year ago and I’m like it heck no I can’t do this. Trying o move to a warmer climate with less snow storms lol. Y’all be safe and stay warm.

  • Mike Smith says:

    Even Al Gore knows the difference between weather and climate.

  • Bob says:

    I saw a kid wearing shorts at the bus stop today, at 25 degrees. They’ll probably cancel school at noon today and maybe the next two days because its too cold for the little darling.

  • mem says:

    Quit being babies…we have not had a bad winter n years…

  • Scooter says:

    You forgot that the weather this winter is all Bush’s fault…..

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