Will the St. Louis Rams stay in town?

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(KTVI)-Should St. Louis be worried about the silence of the Rams? We all know the story by now. The city refused to spend $ 700 million in taxpayer dollars to re-build the Edward Jones Dome, so the Rams lease goes year to year after the 2014 football season. Which means the team could leave St. Louis as early as Januar 2015. Meanwhile, team owner Stan Kroenke, one of the 300 richest people in the world, has purchased a stadium-sized chunk of land in Los Angeles, fueling paranoia that the Rams are ready to move back to L.A..

Through it all, neither the St. Louis Rams nor Kroenke have said anything. That is not new. During talks over the Dome's future, the city's convention and visitors commission says the Rams never negotiated or talked. They just issued written proposals.

So will the Rams stay or go? Charles talks it over with FOX 2 Sports Director Martin Kilcoyne.


  • byebyetheclown

    Take byebye to the rite with you. The rams are the team of the Tea Party and NRa and I believe in bigfoot

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Well, you got the part about the Rams being the team of the Tea Party and the NRA! Yep, you’re starting to catch on: The Rams have their hand out wanting a HUGE tax welfare handout for the rich, just like the Tea Party and the NRA!

      • byebyetheclown

        You also live in your mommys basement and wear a tin foil hat thinking the Alien shapeshifters will get you right.

        Go take your prescription drugs you zombie. Obama drones innocent children to death and you love it . He also gives out billions to his corporate buddies. How can you possibly defend Obama when the whole system is corrupt.

  • jad

    By the way, the land he bought here in Inglewood, Ca…it is pretty crappy…right under the landing pattern for LAX which is only a mile away at most.

  • RamsBelonginLosAngeles

    The Giants and Jets are also in the flight path of an airport. That means nothing. Bring back the Rams to L.A.

    • jad

      I guess you are for welfare for billionaires too! How stupid can you be? You probably wouldn’t give a hundred bucks to a homeless guy laying in the street but you are glad to fork it over to a billionaire. What a chump you are dude. Then he will turn around and charge you 200 bucks for a ticket and 20 bucks for a hot dog and 50 bucks for parking. What a fucked up country.

  • Matt

    From someone who does not reside in St. Louis or Los Angeles (or anywhere in the United States), I think that the Rams will be back in Los Angeles.

  • TJ Scalese

    If you have ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend leave someone else to be with you and then leave you for someone else ? If so you should not be surprised the Lambs want to leave St. Louis for greener pastures…Its a business…

  • Mark Jackson

    Just make it final already and move to LA .the rams need a new make over anyway. i hope rams move before the season starts and not January of 2015, that would probaly be a tough adjustment moving in the middle of the season .i think they should start fresh this offseason moving to LA.

    • Matt

      I don’t think the Rams can legally do that before the start of this season because they still have one more year on the lease at the Edward Jones Dome. You will have to wait until the new year before the Rams are able to relocate back to LA.

  • E

    They did say the Rams could play at the Rose Bowl for as long as needed until a stadium is built in LA. As far as the taxpayer request for 700 million…I don’t think Kroenke EVER thought that anyone would accept this plan, and he can afford to build his own place if he wanted. If he did expect a response from taxpayers, then I am not surprised as his kind often follows the mantra of “socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor.” I don’t see that though with Kroenke…and the fact that he came back with a request that was more than 6 times what the convention center offered…this shows he wants to move to me. Not to mention downtown STL is a poor and desolate place these days. I am not a business guy but I am pretty sure that people moving away in droves doesn’t equal further investment in that same area.

  • Larry

    Funny how these two commentators make the point that maybe if the Rams didn’t “stink” the fan base in St. Louis might be more supportive of the team. Funny because L.A. sports fans are typically the ones accused of being “fair weather” fans and not really passionate about the NFL by the rest of the backward, uneducated country. So now the “stink” is on the other foot. The fact is the Rams are NOT St. Louis’ team, NEVER have been St Louis’ team, and will NOT be St. Louis’ team in the future.

  • E

    The fans in STL are non-existent since the cities population is dwindling at an alarming rate, and the average city resident cannot afford to go to a game. Replacing them with boring family-friendly west county folk has also proven to be a detriment to Dome atmosphere by bringing in wine and cheese eating baby haulers who chastise real football fans. The Dome is so quiet because babies are trying to sleep…don’t you dare wake them!

  • E

    I’d be interested to see how many free tickets that corporations in the area, as well as channel 2, have given out over the years. The risk of television coverage blackout over the years was solved by dumping tickets at extremely cut rates in very large packages to local corporations, who then dolled these out to their employees for free, half of whom are not even football fans, just there for social reasons. What really perturbs me is how these same people who received free tickets, felt the need to sell them to the fans of whatever opposing team happened to be playing against the Rams at the time. This is truly despicable in my mind, and just shows that there will never be a sufficient fan base in STL to support keeping a team there, no matter how successful they are on the field. A generally greedy, ultra-conservative, non-committal population is a pathetic excuse for football fans. Hey west county….Keep to your soccer and baseball, and the bore-fest that those venues entail, we don’t want you in football. Sincerely….a REAL Rams fan.

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