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Does Illinois need regional superintendents?

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(KTVI) - You Paid For It investigated administrators that even Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said taxpayers could do without. The Governor once cut out money for Illinois Regional Superintendents like one in Madison County and St Clair County saying they weren't essential.

We went to see the Madison County Regional Superintendent to talk about his job that pays $107,000 a year and he has a deputy that's paid $98,000.

Critics say they do jobs like administering GED tests that could be done by the local school districts instead. One critic is the Illinois Policy Institute the state’s biggest taxpayers watchdog group. That groups spokesperson calls it an unneeded layer of management that taxpayers don't need.

Illinois spends $12 million dollars for the Regional Superintendent Offices around the state.


  • Joe Vermeire, former Regional Superintendent of Schools, Rock Island County

    You have no idea what you are writing about! Having worked 23 years at 45-60 per week, I know the thousands of educators and citizens that were helped with their educational issues. They either weren’t getting their problems solved at the local or State levels….they needed the Regional Office to work with them.


    If Illinois wants to save some money, they need to look at the people who are sitting at home collecting welfare, pumping out kids, claiming they can’t work. And collecting our money that we work hard for to keep food on our tables for our families. There is nothing more that I hate is to go to a grocery store, see 10 kids with their nana’s and 2 carts full of food when I have 2 kids at home and can’t afford to spend $100 a week on groceries. Then they take out their link card. What’s wrong with this picture?

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