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Forecast: Some areas may see up to 2″ of snow

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Snow continues to overspread the metro area from the west. The accumulations will be confined to a pretty narrow zone along the Missouri River and I-70 and about 30 miles south.

Most will see anywhere from a dusting to 1" although a few places may get  up to 2".This is especially likely a few miles south of the MO River into the Chesterfield area, then extending east along I-64 into Illinois.

The snow should end early this evening.

More:  FOX2Now.com/Weather


  • Kristine

    An inch or two, seriously??? Come and move up north to Wisconsin. Then we can talk more newsworthy snowfall.

  • JC

    I bet in Wisconsin you don’t see all these vehicles that can’t handle 1″ of snow. Maybe people should wise up here. Seeing new cars not even getiing around in subdivision. That means an hour early for me since these jokers take it out on the roads and slow me down.

  • Joe.

    I love seeing comments regarding global warming when people talk about snow. It just goes to show how simple minded the individual is and is only focusing on the now. The wild swings of weather (drought one year, flooding the next) is the result of global warming, not just increasing temperatures as the name leads some people to imply. Open your eyes and look at the big picture.

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