Rally to raise Missouri’s minimum wage to $10 in Jefferson City

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KTVI) –  There’s a rally to raise the minimum wage in Jefferson City today.  Supporters will testify before the Small Business, iInsurance and Industry committee to support legislation that raises Missouri’s minimum wage to $10 an hour.

New research by the Economic Policy Institute shows that a family of four needs to earn almost $65,000 a year to support a modest living. Currently, a full time minimum wage worker makes only $16,000 a year.


  • Adama

    Not everyone can afford to go to school, so does that mean that they are just left behind? Maybe those with an education should be the ones demanding more money as well since their education makes them worth so much more.

      • Michael Margulis

        I paid my own way through college with no help or loans. community college is very affordable. you just have to be willing to have a hard life for a few years. they( st louis community at meramec) .let me make payments throughout the semester and just didn’t release the credits until the balance was paid….and if you’re not a crackhead and can keep a job at mcdonalds for a year they usually make you the manager, which pays way better than min wage. i think i was 18 when hardees made me a manager.

    • Michael Margulis

      youre right…raises for everyone….well just keep printing more money till the rest of the world realises..wait isn’t that what happened to the peso….o well it’ll be a fun 10 years.

  • GG

    “You cannot pull the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down”….. Get a job that offers schooling and/or work your up in a company. You will not be the first one to have done this WITHOUT a college degree. Quit whining and be resourceful!

  • fedupwithgovernment

    GEEZ, it’s a good thing that I don’t rely on McDonalds everyday for my lunch. Hell I would be more broke than I am right now for eating out everyday. A Big Mac just shot thru the roof on price. The dollar menu just increased to the 5 buck menu.
    There is a trickle down effect on this folks. Guess it is all a part of giving the lazy person what he wants now days while the rest of us keep working harder to make ends meet.
    Idiots when will you wake up and see what is happening

  • Charlotte Lockhart

    I also sometimes get upset with raising minimum wage But would that ease some of the government programs that is coming out of tax payers dollars?

  • steven

    if you raise minimum wage up, then the price of everything else goes up with it, including tuition. you could pay everyone $1000 an hour, but if a stick of gum jumps to $500 then its pointless, stop wasting your money on vices and you won’t need 64000 a year to live

  • chuck

    let’s take a hypothetical situation. You’re a mother, you have children, your husband abuses you, or desserts you. You MUST work, your time will be split between jobs (yes plural so you can buy the kids food, and keep a roof over their heads ) AND watching the kids. Assume as well, for whatever reason, you have no close friends or family ( that you can trust with the kids ) to help out.

    NOW when do you go to school? HOW do you pay for classes?

    Is this a majority situation? Unfortunately I don’t know, but it WELL COULD BE for -adults working at ‘McDonalds’-

    • steven

      if u raise the minimum wage, then employers and companies have to pay more for the employees to make the products, and the companies aren’t likely to just eat that cost, so they will raise the prices of those diapers and food that mother needs, so she will struggle just the same, what it hurts is people who make say $11 an hour, they get no raise, and they have to pay the increased price of everything

  • Susan Cunningham

    All these same arguments were used when I made 75 cents an hour at Woolworths decades ago. Wages go up and businesses do NOT shut down. Especially the ones that have to stay put – like service jobs. COSTCO pays good wages, offers health benefits and makes tons of money because their employees are proud of what they do and want to work for a good company. very little turnover – less money spent on training.

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