Two dead, two wounded in brutal Warren County stabbing

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WARREN COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-A Montgomery County man upset with his estranged wife is accused of killing two of her co-workers and then  critically injuring his wife and an eight year old boy.

The attack happened inside a trailer home on Humber Road in western Warren County.

Shawn Kavanagh, 23, of Bellflower, MO, called 9-1-1 Valentine’s night to report he had stabbed his wife and killed several other people.  Warren County Sheriff deputies responded and found Kavanagh covered in blood.  His wife, 27-year old  Jessie Kavanagh, was airlifted to a hospital in Columbia, MO for treatment of multiple stab wounds.

Deputies indicated an eight year old boy suffered multiple injuries.  He too was airlifted to a hospital.  An 18-month old female survived  unharmed.

Warren County Sheriff Kevin Harrison issued a statement saying when deputies arrived at the scene, Kavanagh told them he had killed several people inside the trailer.

Two women were found dead from multiple puncture wounds and lacerations.  Relatives identified one victim as 22-year old Tara Fifer, a CNA employed at New Florence Care Center in New Florence.   Authorities have not released names of the other victims.

Shawn Kavanagh had been charged with assaulting his wife in January.  A court order from Montgomery County told him to stay away from her, but on Friday he went to the rural trailer home looking for her.  He was told to leave and returned to his vehicle.  He then re-entered the home and attacked the occupants.

Kavanagh is now charged with two counts of first degree murder, domestic assault, first degree assault, four counts of armed criminal action and burglary.  He is being held in the Warren County Jail withouot bond.

A relative of Jessie Kavanagh said she was in a drug induced coma following surgery.

Tara Fifer’s sister Haley Roberts is holding on to good memories.  “My sister loved to sing even though she was terrible at it;  she always had a smile on her face no matter what.  Nothing could bring her down,” Roberts said Saturday as she and other relatives choked back tears outside a family home in Jonesburg.
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  • Tom Hayes says:

    What a fool he was! Hope he gets the death penalty asap!

    • what’s terrible about this case is that 2 of the victims that were murdered, had nothing to do with his personal issues with his ex. the one person that he wanted to kill lives (thank GOD). stupid as all out doors.

  • Todd Rowell says:

    names! names ! need names!

  • John stock says:

    His name is shawn kavanagh from Bellflower

    • anonymous says:

      Keep your comments to yourself. Releasing his name before police will hopefully hold you up to some legal dispute.

      • a says:

        very true. no need at all to give names out..i know him also but I and neither do anyone else need to give out information until the cops do. they have reasons for the way they do things. but my opinion with knowing him, what he did was wrong. and does deserve the death penalty. he had no reason to do what he did but for selfish reasons.

  • Anonymous says:

    You do not need names!!! Those of us who know and loved these women are hurting to the extreme! Check your ghoulish curiosity at the door. It is none of your business!

  • anonymous says:

    How could you wish the death penalty on a man you don’t know? That I do know. Who is very close to my heart. Get a life and worry about your own problems. You wishing the death penalty on him is just as bad as his actions.

    • jeep says:

      “You wishing the death penalty on him is just as bad as his actions.”

      Umm, I think that is the point!!

    • thump says:

      Do you think his two victims deserved the death penalty?? At least he has a chance to be judged by a jury of his peers. Where was their trial?? Did he have the right to be judge, jury and executioner???Do you think that little boy fighting for his life deserved to be beaten and stabbed?? He watched his mother get murdered right in front of him. Does he deserve that memory that he’ll never be able to forget?? Do he and his sister deserve to grow up without their mother??

      God help me!! I want him DEAD for what he did to my friend and her children!!

    • Stl says:

      Who cares you know this fool. He is a waste.

    • sk says:

      He needs to have done to him, what he did to others………..give him the death sentence. That poor boy was I bet trying to protect his mother.

    • silly2 says:

      So this low-life coward was close to your heart, big whoop. He’s a cold-blooded killer. And once again proves a protective order is not worth the paper it’s written on. Too bad these women weren’t armed and ready when he came back.

  • Thump says:

    I hope and pray he gets the death penalty. I know the 29 year old victim and I know her son. It’s still touch and go if the boy lives. That little boy and his sister and his mother were/are all close to my heart. I’ve never wished someone dead but I can sure make an exception for that POS!!!

  • Just says:

    Knives don’t kill people… people kill people.

  • George W. Money says:

    This idiot should get the firing squad! The needle is too good for him! He should have just killed himself after attacking a bunch of females…what a coward!!!!!

  • Tahnya says:

    The victims mother is a good friend of mine. On Sat, Feb 22nd from 8am-10am the Applebee’s in Warrenton where the mother works is holding a benefit breakfast for the family. $5 per person. All other donations are greatly welcomed. For more info please call the store @ 636-456-3735. Please send prayers to all families affected by this sickening act of violence….

    • Joe says:

      Thanks for this post my wife and I were wondering if someone/somewhere was going to have something like this.

  • Mary says:

    The news had already released his name, plus even if they didnt why would you want to protect him..or expect anyone else to protect him? Who cares if you know this killer..this was a horrible act he committed. It wasnt in self wasnt an accident..he brutally murdered two people and tried to murder two more, one being a child. He is a pig..and an evil coward. He must have repercussions and face the crimes he committed. Shame on you for trying to come to his defense! Think of the victims and their families..before you think of this monster or your own personal feelings. He is disgusting..and as evil as the act he committed.

  • Mary says:

    Does anyone know the victims names? This is so horribly heart goes out to them and their families…

  • hickville mo. says:

    Global warming.

  • sadsadsad says:

    I feel terrible for the victims but have never known Shawn to be a violent person. Stuff happens but he should yes pay for what he’s done. Prayers to every family involved in this.

    • thump says:

      For someone you have never known to be a ‘violent person’ he sure had a good track record for violence in abusing his wife. He was under an RESTRAINING order to stay away from her for spousal abuse already!! And out on bail from an incident earlier in January!! “Stuff happens.” Do you realize how callous and shallow you sound?? “Stuff happens” just doesn’t cover him attacking a little boy. “Stuff happens’ doesn’t cover the brutal murders of two women. “Stuff happens” doesn’t cover cold-blooded murder!!

  • sickened says:

    to the person saying we are just as bad as him for wanting the death penalty, go to hell! what he did was cowardly and gutless. he deserves to be beaten, tortured, and then have his throat cut at the middle. no sypmathy will be shown for this mad man.

  • hurting says:

    so sad these were friends shawn have mercy on ur soul

  • hurting says:

    the vitims were close friends of nine and please pray for that lil boy and jess that they pull through rip lexy and tara

  • Jessicas mom has set up a fundraiser for her to help with the medical bills. Which are outrageous

  • jonedburg says:

    Your heart go out to the victims and the little boy fighting for his life.
    What an evil monster. .

  • thump says:

    Instead of flowers, how about donating that much money to the fund that is trying to raise money to help pay her extensive medical bills?? She needs help with her medical bills more than flowers that will only last a few days.

  • thump says:

    I just received news bad news. Shawn Kavanagh, I sincerely hope that you will rot in the deepest, vilest pits of HELL for eternity!!

  • thump says:

    There will be a benefit for Lexy’s remaining child, the 18 month old girl at the Imo’s Pizza in Troy in the near future. As soon as I get a date and time, I’ll post it here.

  • Deanna says:

    God bless the victims and their families.

  • JC says:

    Hopefully Congress will propose a bill with some strict knife regulation.

    Seriously though, what a shame. I wish people like him would just kill themselves and not feel the need to take the lives of innocent people.

  • Proves that a restraining order is not worth the paper it is written on. She had a restraining order and he had a plan to kill her…..He has a knife, she has a piece of paper….MMM no logic here, she should have had a weapon…..Sorry this still happens in this day and age

    when everyone should have a weapon of protection…

  • Jennifer Jo says:

    I hope he gets the death penalty..i will never get to meet my friend.. I miss my friend Tara…I hope all the people who got hurt gets to feeling better…

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