Craig Wood charged in death of Hailey Owens

Posted on: 7:20 pm, February 18, 2014, by and , updated on: 10:31pm, February 19, 2014

SPRINGFIELD, MO (KTVI) – A man has been charged after the body of missing Hailey Owens was found inside his home early Wednesday morning.

Craig M. Wood has been charged with 1st degree murder, armed criminal action and kidnapping in the death of Hailey.

Hailey went missing Tuesday afternoon after she was allegedly abducted by Wood while playing outside.

Woods was arrested several hours later. The Springfield police chief says during their investigation, Wood refused to answer question.

Early Wednesday morning, police obtained a search warrant for Wood’s home.

Police say Hailey Owens’ body was found in Wood’s basement in a garbage bag inside a plastic storage tote. She had an apparent gunshot wound to the head. Police also found marks that show she was tied up at some point.

FOX 2 has learned that Wood was a paraprofessional, or teacher’s aide, in the Springfield School District.  He also served as an athletic coach.  District officials say Wood has worked for the district since 1998.

Superintendent Norm Ridder says Hailey was a student at Westport Elementary School while Wood worked at Pleasant View K-8 School.

“Students and staff at three of our schools are coping with this situation. To support these school communities directly impacted by this tragedy, I have assigned additional counseling staff and school police officers to be on hand until further notice,”  Ridder said in a news release.

Read Probable Cause Statement

Several people will turn their porch light on Wednesday night in respect for this little girls family: Porch Lights for Hailey Owens

Message from the Springfield Police Department:

We would like to thank all of you, the Springfield community, as well as the dozens of communities near and far that helped spread the word of Hailey’s abduction. You often witness the strength of a community in the way they handle a tragic situation, and we couldn’t be more proud of the citizens’ concern and assistance in this matter. We have also received countless messages of your encouragement and support, and for that, we are truly grateful. We certainly wish more than anything that this event could have had a different conclusion. If there’s any positive news in this at all, it’s that the suspect is no longer on the streets of Springfield. Please keep the family and friends of Hailey in your thoughts and prayers. #‎HaileyOwens


  • Tyler knecht says:

    God please bring this little sweet girl home to her loving family

  • sarah Berhorst says:

    Perfectly said cbrown!

    Praying for her safe return.

  • Taylor says:

    There is power in the name of Jesus

    • Jim says:

      Keep on believing that Jesus bs
      Didn’t do her much good did he
      Your make believe savior is just that
      Make believe

      • Lobo says:

        Jesus our savior did not intend this or let this happen, evil in men’s heart did this, free will, as a child the Lord has accepted her in paradise God Bless You Hailey Owens and family.

  • Sturg Cumberford says:

    Our hearts are broken for this precious little girl and her family.Praying God protects her and delivers her from this monstor.When will it stop? When will our children ever be safe from the global epidemic of child predators? When our judicial system lays down new laws that hold these perverts accountable and keeps them behind bars!!! Our two small grandchildren were sexually molested.Their perpatrator remains free to roam and prey on other children.It is clearly a broken system!! With many legal loopholes in it that allow these predators to jump thru them and continue to prey on the innocent!! God protect our children from these monsters.Because our legal system isn’t!!!!

    • patti says:

      Thanks We need to remind these judges and PAs in everyway that these guys need to go away not for years but forever.

    • When our legal system learns to count; ONE STRIKE AND THEY ARE OUT ….. our children and grandchildren will be safer! Today i sit and cry for a child that I have never met! One does not need to know this child to feel violated! This child represents every child because no child is absolutely safe!

    • Joe says:

      Well said. While the police dept. pats themselves on the back, citzens were doing more than they could. And now, they are done with their job and the broken system will do it’s job, unfortunately.

  • Joe Povis says:

    Dear God….immediate, torturous, agonizing death for this vomit

  • God Bless the family in their time of grief. I hope this mad man burns in HELL!

  • ..pedophiles are the worst form of life, and should be executed..By the family .!!! don’t make them hurt more.they all need to die .LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE YOU SICKO’S .Praying for her family so sorry..

  • Robin McDonald says:

    I think the parents should be the ones to choose the punishment if something like this happens… rather do it physically themselves or tell the system how they want it handled!!
    My heart and prayers go out to them..

  • GEORGINA says:

    My heart hurts for this family. My prayers goes out to them.

  • George W. Money says:

    This is why we need the death penalty. In the city of STL they kill without thinking because a jury would never give it to anyone, they don’t care. Here in an area like this idiots need to KNOW they may get killed themselves. This little girl was denied a life of even a Teenager! Give him the Firing Squad!!!!!!!!!!

  • Al Mount says:

    If he is ever put him in the general prison population, they will kill him.

    • patti leiding says:

      From what I’m seeing and hearing the myth of general population is not real. These guys are segregated and the ones sent to death row are isolated….. ! They just sit there until the date of their execution comes up …oh but wait….there maybe a delay. Organ donors get extra time and up graded treatment, now the drugs make them too uncomfortable so they are working and delaying all executions til we can make them pass without pain.

      • Strawn says:

        They already do pass without pain. They are put under anesthetic and then they are given the medicine that stops their heart. Have you ever been put under anesthesia for a surgery? I can’t think of a more peaceful and painless death. I wish when my dad was being ravaged by cancer and moaning until his last breath that he could had been given anesthesia. But nope. He had to suffer while child murders get to go night night.

    • dgonzalez says:

      I wish they would he really deserves it

    • Joe says:

      no, you and i are gonna pay for him to live the good life surrounded by people sicker than he his.. prisons are full of these people he will do 10yrs and then get moved to independance mo with the rest of em!

  • Jacks Thompson says:

    Why do we need to know the race?

  • Jennifer says:

    My heart hurts for this family. It is absolutely terrible that anyone would so this to a human being let a lone a child. My prayers are with the family and I really hope he gets what he deserves. God bless!

  • Cathy Cottrell says:

    When I was ten, we had a lot of freedom kids today do not have. I think our problem is overpopulation. One that probably will never be addressed.

    • M. Black says:

      overpopulation? How bout responsible parenting?

      • Scott says:

        Really? He was 45 his parenting had nothing to do with his decision as a grown man and please tell me you just dont think about things before you type or speak as you are surely not blaming the girls parents for this.

  • patti leiding says:

    I am so sorry for these parents, grandparents aunts all the relatives of this little girl. My prayers are with them. Now my point on the most recent arguements of the “drug” to be used on these pedophiles and killers that a few are worried about the comfort of them dying. Some of us could careless how comfortable they are….reason….this event with losing Haley. Enough of these perps rights….lets get on with the real stuff …..they deserve a speedy and quick trial…and if sentenced to death….lets make that speedy also.

  • EMG says:

    back in the day, if you stole a horse, they would hang you….if I had any power, he would be hanging from a tree as soon as the guilty sentence was read….also the jails would be empty….we have no room in society for garbage like this….who would miss this crumb if he was gone. We live in a very weak country…….where the victim suffers more than the criminal

  • dawn says:

    This poor family. What a horrific journey you will now walk. My thoughts & prayers are with you. Fly high little angel……..

  • ap says:

    when are we going to lock these people up and throw away the key. they never can be fixed. What is the deal with the law. Take a survey, no one is begging for their release.

    • desiree says:

      Im so angry now u had license plate numbers a truck the color an make of said truck I know all if this is on records u could have stopped this really quick screw his rights what about her rights im sure if u would have just knock on the door u would have heard her scream an then u would have been well with in ur rights to shoot the s.o.b an save her life why did u not

      • Fact is…by the time they had that excellent license plate number, the accused (and his car) were already home. :( Creep lived 12 minutes away per Google maps–abduction call came in at 4:48, and police arrived to gather info at 5:00. There is Evil in this world, and it’s not always preventable–though we’ll never stop trying, either.

  • Warrior says:

    So sad for little Hailey and her family. I hope this guy fries and burns in hell. The miserable POS.

  • dgonzalez says:

    It happens everywhere and so sad, fear and painful what she suffered at his hands. My prayers to the family. This animal could plot this evil event on to a hopeless and scared child it show how weak this animal is we really need to dispose of him immediately and not waste our tax payers money the faster we change some of our punishment time the faster this country will become more aware what will happen if it even crosses your mine death. And with so much evidence it should even be faster. And not by injection that is to go

  • Phil says:

    They need to check this guys past travel history, credit cards, phone calls and see where he has been in the last few years. At his age, he has probably killed before. As soon as they get all of the information about him, he needs a 22 caliber long rifle hollow point between his eyes. We kill better animal predators than he is..

  • ccc says:

    there is a god, he just had a better use for her in heaven… my prayers are with this girl and her family…. may god be with you.

  • The fact is I can place a non-emergency call for pizza delivery. Order and describe the pizza’s size, toppings and crust that I want and have it delivered faster than the SPD can send out a public alert. And what makes it even worse is that the chief defends the process.

    Not to mention that School Cancellations are broadcast to the public faster than Amber Alerts – absolute shame.

    Basically -Amber Alerts aren’t worth the call made in an emergency. So…they now have a suspect. BTW witnesses didn’t observe a murder happening – they observed an ABDUCTION taking place. Now, the witnesses and the poor family are rewarded with a child’s lifeless body and a living suspect. Pathetic. Why have a local social network and news notification system if it takes an hour to get the news out. Why an Amber Alert System if it takes 2 hours to get it going. Ridiculous.

    Hold the lawmakers and law enforcement accountable. To hear the police chief actually say that 3 and 1/2 hours was quite efficient in making contact with the suspect is absurd. They had a vehicle description, suspect and victim description, license plate etc… and if they would have just got the word out in 5 minutes we might have had a city and not just a “force” looking for this child. Unless we point out the obvious elephant in this tragedy nothing will ever change. There is absolutely no silver lining in this case. They already had the information to find the suspect what the system is for is to find the living.

    • Arch Angel says:

      This is the legacy of Democrat/Liberal policies that have plagued us for 60 years and beyond. They make the process to execute this monster ridiculous. Appeal after appeal and then the liberals have the gall and hypocrisy to turn around and say that the death penalty isn’t a deterrent. What a crock. The only way that this is going to work is for local people.. communities to take action. Yes, we will suffer. The power whores in Washington will strike hard and fast, but in the end, we can take back our neighborhoods and our lives. Make these monsters so afraid that they’d never, ever look at a child like this sweet angel again. How can you people in Springfield look in these parent’s eyes and let these keystone cops do this.. Break into the jail, take the monster to a large tree and hang him with a long rope.. and tell the keystone cops to get stuffed.

    • Terry L West says:

      Amen brother. The public should be OUTRAGED at the response time.

  • JRobert says:

    They had the make and model AND 2 possible license plates and what? It took HOURS to locate him? Someone dropped the ball on this one big time and it cost the young child her life! Why wasn’t a search warrant ISSUED ON THE SPOT when they located him? This is outrageous!

  • Kate says:

    why would they need to wait for a search warrant? EXigent circumstances? They should have broken down the door.

    • Suvi Mayfield says:

      *ahem* if the cops just TOTALLY IGNORED THE RIGHTS TO OWNERSHIP AND PROPERTY our country would be a bigger mess than it is already! What if you, a suspect of a murder or a crime even though you didnt do anything, could not even protest as they broke YOUR property, searched YOUR home, and eventually charged you of a completely different crime than the one they were searching for. How would you feel? Half of you people out here commenting on this tragic story are not even thinking before you speak. You guys just make yourselves look uneducated in the way things work.

      • Suvi Mayfield says:

        Furthermore, they need a really good reason (given by a judge or someone with similar authority) to let them search through his house. Also, this man deserves a fair trial, (for all you democrats out there) even if its obvious who killed this girl. Have you all forgotten what America is about?

  • Chyna says:

    There are some wicked people in the world..sad

  • JoeS says:

    I don’t care about god and his big plan for us, this little girl is dead and the people should act. Talking about how sad this is doesn’t cut it! The loss of this little girl’s life should have all of us so outraged that we would storm the Springfield police station and drag this man out of his cell and hang him! Instead we do nothing but say how sad it is! It is infuriating that we have turned into such a nation of sheep; a place where we accept these horrendous tragedies as just another example of bad people out there. Next comes the slow and endless process we call justice, which will drag the family through even more pain and suffering — as though they have not suffered enough! They have got the goods on this guy — kill him now!!

  • faith mccallister says:

    I dont think it should ever end everytime hes near death he needs to suffer through the pain of healing then takken right back to deaths door way over and over and over…my prayers r with this childs family i cant imagine what they are going through mine are 4 and 10 and its rips my heart apart just to think it could happen ppl in this worlf r sick these days but theres no punishment like Gods and he will have to stand in judgement very soon

  • Me says:

    Parents- do NOT let your kids play outside without a adult watching them!

  • lhg says:

    its hard to imagine that he is 45 and this is his first offence I bet there has been others, also i just wonder if at the school he worked at if he acted creepy there? He needs to be swinging from a rope in the town square of Springfield Mo. for all the world to see.

  • Prinzeono1 says:

    I am so tired of these sick M-Fs hurting our children, so tired this hurts really bad, why are people so sick deal with your sickness by taking it out on yourself verse our children.

  • kimberly says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out for this family. This is such a sad and heart breaking sitution. Not even the fact that this dirt bag is in jail makes it any better. I hope that the “system” will find a way to take these discussing beast off of the streets.

  • Botsco says:

    lethal drug?

    How about dissolved in acid a inch at a time… starting with his feet? On TV… LIVE.

  • Suvi Mayfield says:

    Lol go Mormons

    • brad says:

      I just don’t understand why it took from 5 pm to 11pm for the police to get to the killers home when they had the license number and description of his truck.

  • Tonia says:

    I’m truely sorry for the family of this girl. This is a fact that this is not the first time he has done this. Maybe they should check him and question him on the Angie Housman case. same age and 20yrs ago. just saying .please hang him and don’t waste taxpayers money

  • n&b*jh says:

    Our hearts go out to Hailey and her family. To the family of Hailey you are in our prayers. This is very sad I don’t know Hailey or her family but my heart is so sad for them. She is with Jesus now in the beautiful heavens above. God Bless!!!

  • Debbie says:

    So many of us are in pain over this. It scares us for our sisters, our daughters,our grand daughter. There are monsters in the world and we all need to open our eyes and watch for strange behavior, which was noted in this case. If only the people watching this would have called out to the child to move away, if only the child had not gone up to the car. If only anyone at the school had noticed this man made weird looks at children.if only won’t bring this precious child back. I cry for her. Haley could be my grand daughter, your grand daughter, your daughter. We MUST be brave and bold and make the moves to report, even if we are wrong. How do we protect our girls once they are old enough to want to walk down the blocks themselves? We need to find these monsters among us any way we can.We have to be on alert and observe.

    • Brent says:

      According to reports, the neighbors were yelling at her to stay away from the truck. One of the neighbors even jumped in his vehicle to chase this guy but lost sight of him after about a mile. We may not know the whole story but if they had the license plate and description of the truck, whey was there not a cop at the suspects house within a couple of minutes or an undercover cop posted near the house keeping an eye on it in case he showed up with the little girl. So sad.

  • Debbie says:

    The world is in the hands and run by HUMANS. This is why you see such pollution, wars, chaos. There is a time period that humans were given the chance to run the earth on their own, without God interfering. This challenge to rule came up long ago when the angel turned bad and called satan, challenged God in front of all the angels. God could have easily killed Saran, but then what would all those angels watching think? That maybe Satan was right? And mankind can rule and take care of themselves without God? So God chose to allow man to handle things alone FOR A TIME PERIOD. Everyone can see how poorly men handle the earth, Well, enough time has passed proving man can’t rule themselves and keep the earth clean and safe. it won’t be long before God takes back ruler ship and the question if man alone can run the earth will never be in question again. Signs of the times show we are in the last days of this system of things as we know it. One day little children will walk the streets safely and not have a worry about scum bags harming them. The earth abides forever the Bible says, but evil people will not forever dwell on the earth. This evil we see is temporary, but it hurts just the same as we all live in these hard times. Sorry about rambling on, but there are real simple answers why we see so much chaos these days. Not only are men prone to badness, but satan, who is actually a bad angel and many other angels turned bad, are down here on earth too casing a lot of trouble. I do feel that technology is used in a bad way that has caused a lot of bad to come out in man. We are all all caught up in part of the earths history. Many of us will probably be alive to see God take back the rule of earth and get rid of all evil and put things back the way he originally purposed for man in the beginning. Better times are coming. We all need to keep our chins up.

  • Alex Petty says:

    He should be tortured and made to suffer for what he did to an innocent soul. Death is too good for him. That is terrorist and prey on a child. It turns my stomach. My thoughts and prayers are with the family

  • sue good says:

    They had a description of the truck ,the man AND a license plate then SEVERAL hours later they go to the guys house?Why did it take HOURS to get to his house?

  • Shari Kalous says:

    My prayers go out to this family! This community! I commend all those who tried to stop him and acted so quickly! I commend the Police officers who responded so quickly! This is the fastest I have ever heard a child found. Unfortunately for Hailey, it was to late. The fastest I have ever heard a suspect caught! Especially in a case like this! She is in a better place than what this world has become! My condolences to the Owens family and friends, my condolences to the community. May she rest in peace and God let justice be done with this monster!

  • Deb says:

    Do unto others as they have done unto you……give the parents a gun and shooting practice on the idiot!! Its time we change the system, its clearly not working.

  • morrow says:

    This murderer should be put to death right away so the family can start to heal. Society has got to stop housing these murderers when it is plain to see without a doubt they did it like this trash, and the punk that killed the little baby a couple of weeks ago.

  • ByeByeToTheRite says:

    Faith – something from nothing. Thanks, Todd, for that bit of wisdom (from “Something From Nothing” on State by Todd Rundgren).

    “Without faith, then there is nothing. But with faith, we create, something from nothing.”

    Very interesting point.

    Too bad all the faith in the world won’t stop pervs like this from doing what they do. But this liberal thinks this creep should be pulled apart by hooks and chains and made to suffer. This guy is as low as humanity goes, and truly is a worthless POS and a useless trash human. How he went this long without being discovered – we can only guess why.

    RIP to this poor little girl. What a horrible way to go. My heart bleeds for her. I’m not going to pray for her, because that’s not gonna do any good, but I will cry for her. And I will do what I can to elect leaders who will tackle these problems and start focusing on real crime, instead of cracking down on the trite and the trivial and handing out tax breaks to the wealthy, which is unfortunately all our latest brand of conservative leaders do.

    P.S.Want proof there is no God? Besides this story, here’s another thought to ponder. If there IS a God, then WHO or WHAT created God? Kinda bursts your bubble there, doesn’t it?

  • miles rosa says:

    Kill this waste of life. To think I have to worry for my beautiful daughter growing up because of things like him. Stop shooting them up with dope and watching them die. Hang them repeatedly for a week. But let the parents do it in their back yard.

  • Deb H. says:

    My thoughts on the coverage of this terrible crime – the public doesn’t need to know ALL the details on how Hailey died… please think about the people who love this little girl – what does hearing the details of her death do to their memories of her life? I hate to think that horrific imagined images of her last moments would keep some of the sweet times of her life obscured.
    I don’t think it would lessen any of the outrage over this crime if all that was reported was that her abductor killed her. There is a fine line between reporting the news and feeding voyeuristic details.

  • linda~ says:

    Is there not a forum that politics & religion can be argued elsewhere? A child has been murdered, again! The English noun compassion, meaning to suffer together with, and yet we stand divided…..sad

  • Sara says:

    you people make me sick….arguing about personal beliefs when it IS NOT ABOUT YOU! RIP sweet baby girl. You are an angel now and in a better place

  • Sturg says:

    Suvi above thinks she’s suave! Easy for her
    to speak out on the behalf of this perpatrator.In regards to showing fairness.If she hasn’t had a child of her own sexually violated? Gone to court and watched a filthy child molester walk free?As you continue to live in anguish standing by helplessly watching your child act out from PTS, as a result of sexual assualt? If she had, she might not be so quick to shout out fairness to him in this case.

    As well as considering all the collection of evidence found. Identification of his vehicle.Down to the license plate.Eyewitness seeing him throwing the little girl in his truck. Tape in his hand that was used on the victim.A little girls dead body found stuffed in a bag with a bullet to her head! Yes let’s not jump to any conclusions.Let’s make sure he gets a lawyer, search warrant court appointed, fair trial.Than ten years and out on five for good behavior.While all the while he is in prison our taxes will feed and house him.He will get medical attention.TV, access to the internet where he can set up his own site to seek support from people who are from the outside. . To many criminals are set free across our country in hundreds of our court rooms.Because of one phrase” if you have a shadow of a doubt” This is clearly a judicial problem!!! Failed system!!! These predators know their isn’t anything to worry about.

  • prayers to the family and friends ! our porch lights are on in festus mo for the family .

  • Carol Ivlow says:

    My son has been in Jail in Bates County for 8 months now for trying to retrieve his 3 and 4 year old boys from his mentally ill sister who had taken them twice before and refused to give them back until she was ready to, We have sat through numerous court dates. In nearly every one we sat through, we witnessed one or more pedophile released on bond, some even on OR bonds, Yet, my son’s bond remains too high for us to get him out because he had a gun and the PA says he might be a threat to the public.The gun is gone and he had never threatened ANYONE with ANY weapon before in his life. He just wanted his children back. On Feb 18, we witnessed the reading of charges against a man who had come in from the street with his lawyer. Virtually everyone in the courtroom, including the prisoners who were sitting there, dropped their jaws and gasped when hearing the detailed, disgusting things he was accused of doing to a 6 year old child. Even the PA dropped his file on the floor! Then, his case was continued and he walked back out of the courthouse. People keep telling me these guys get released because they will likely get killed by the other prisoners if they are left in jail. Does that mean the only people in the legal system with morals are in jail? They sure don’t seem to be the judges or the Prosecutors. These guys are permanently attached to their “weapons” and they are obviously SICK and aren’t going to get better. New jails and prisons are being built all the time. Why not build one in each State just for people who commit crimes against children? They certainly shouldn’t be allowed to be turned loose.

  • BibleVersesForgotten says:

    “Anyone who is captured will be run through with a sword. Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes. Their homes will be sacked and their wives raped by the attacking hordes. For I will stir up the Medes against Babylon, and no amount of silver or gold will buy them off. The attacking armies will shoot down the young people with arrows. They will have no mercy on helpless babies and will show no compassion for the children.” (Isaiah 13:15-18)

  • ccc says:

    i can’t believe someone who works around kids would have done this… but god has bigger and better plans for her in heaven god bless you Haley

  • jenna beck says:

    It was angie housman birthday Feb 18

  • Angela Korpela says:

    Ok this is not the 1st child he’s done this 2 I hope the police and FBI look closer to see any other missing children can be traced back to this man . He did not just snap at 45 years of age and do this. How many more children are missing from other family’s still waiting for the truth. Of what happen or wheres my child. Hang him …. may his soul burn in the death s of hell..

    • bill warner says:

      I agree with you angela this is not the only person he has victimized he should be forced to do hypnosis where his subconcious will tell the world the truth he doesnt deserve to keep his secrets and the government does have the ability to do that

  • ccc says:

    if everyone cared and nobody cried if everyone loved and nobody lied if everyone shared and swallowed their pride would we see the day that nobody died?

  • Susan says:

    The bible says an eye for an eye, well I feel he should pay for what he has done, now, not in years to come.I am a medium, I have seen the spirit world all of my life so I know he should be punished here in this life. I know this poor little girl will be looked after by her family that are already in the spirit world and will be able to see her family that are still living when ever she wants. My heart goes out to her family and everyone who loved her. This is the hardest thing us living spirits have to go through and I wish I could ease their pain. Lets all hope he gets what he deserves. I will send healing to her and her family, thinking of you. Susan from England.

  • Pam says:

    I live just south of Oklahoma City, OK and I also received the Amber Alert on my cell phone…It stated the vehicle description and license plate number and that it was believed the suspect was driving toward Oklahoma. Could this be why the little girl was not found in time? Were they surveilling the roads instead of his home?

  • brad says:

    It takes an evil soulless individual that doesn’t value life at all to kill an innocent child. Watch your children people…there are evil Pedophiles and potential child kidnappers and killers all around us. they even lurk in the small towns.

  • Mary says:

    This article states:
    Hailey went missing Tuesday afternoon after she was allegedly abducted by Wood while playing outside.

    Woods was arrested several hours later. The Springfield police chief says during their investigation, Wood refused to answer question.

    Early Wednesday morning, police obtained a search warrant for Wood’s home.

    Why did the police wait until Wednesday morning to search Wood’s home? What if the victim had been inside bleeding to death while some judge is being tracked down ?
    If it takes this long to get a search warrant, something needs to be changed. Like “no search warrant necessary in the case of a missing kidnapped person”, especially with eye witnesses.

    • Dave the Cop says:

      Ok, even though it won’t do any good and will get picked apart, I’m going to summarize the events: around 5pm the call comes in, over the next hour or so, the police get the information needed to enter the Amber Alert, the license plate DID NOT belong/check to the subject so they contacted the registered owner of the truck, they obtained the driver information from the regestered owner, including his address, they watched the address from about 7 for anyone inside the address, at about 8 they observed THE SUSPECT arriving at the address, to which they DETAINED him and ESCORTED him into the residence under EXTIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES. This allowed for a sweep WITHOUT A WARRANT which is very limited. They did not find Hailey or anyone else in the residence but TOOK HIM INTO CUSTODY, QUESTIONED HIM AND BOOKED HIM, MEANWHILE APPLIED FOR A SEARCH WARRANT. When the search warrant was signed by a judge (the law), THEN they did a more thorough search (30+ officers) and subsequently found poor Hailey. Kudos to all involved in the rapid deployment and removal of this threat!

  • says:

    I totally agree with you Robin, however actually .. If anyone even tries to do this to my kid , the police better come get me and the predator that hurt or killed my baby. Or they won’t make it to a live predator. I can not wrap my brain around adults harming babies no way can I even come close. I lived through my experience in the late sixties, And I may not be able to protect my child 24/7 but the predator has to sleep sometime. So In short I’m saying DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT MY KID. I never leave him alone in the yard, I never let him in front without being right by me, I don’t just drop him off at the bus stop , I don’t just run real quick into the gas station. He is 8 and so Ill be right there ready to put you to sleep and i DONT miss. I see parents leaving their kids alone all the time even younger walking around , ummm HELLO? Its not safe PERIOD. Stop harming kids ! and also STOP leaving them alone parents seriously !!!!!!

  • Jess says:

    Send his @ss to general population. Let the other convicts who Do not hurt children deal with him. Let his torture begin!! And I hope it’s long and painful!

  • A Reddig says:

    Who cares what she is wearing!!!! Just get her home safe, please Lord Jesus.

  • vigilante says:

    Because it was almost 70 degrees out today. I live 3 blocks from this girl. I believe this person has been in the area before as he fits the description of someone I saw a few months ago prowling our street. I am pissed

  • Sean Fawkes says:

    I have contacted the sheriffs department and they actually called back to get more information. They said they would be looking into it.

  • you people need to write letters and march and get them out of there if they are not going to put them to death than make them put them on and island for the rest of there lives

  • nikki says:

    wait “this long” for what?

  • ashley says:

    Wait for what exactly?

  • michelle says:

    When fox 2 sent out the 1st email regarding this story they stated that she went missing on MONDAY! That is what had me upset about this….I was lead to believe that the amber alert wasn’t issued for 24 hours!!!

  • ashby04 says:

    Oh stop with your babble. You don’t believe in God fine but stop placing blame toward something you clearly know nothing about. You sound ignorant. Offer your condolences and move on instead of babbling about what you don’t believe in. It truly amazes me just how people like you are so selfish.

  • SickenedByThoseAroundMe says:

    I’m selfish and you think you can just wish something into being… not a well thought out position, Ashby.

  • And what makes you think they didn’t? The story does not say how they caught this piece of trash.

  • Dave the Cop says:

    I couldn’t agree more…unfortunately the devil uses the “human element” of revenge as one of his many devices to split us apart…he delights in our agony! But when we approach a situation such as this with love and grace, it is Satan who trembles in fear and winces in pain…

  • ccc says:

    well said, just because bad things happen doesnt mean he isnt there it just means he has other plans for those people. she is in a safe world right now

  • Dave the Cop says:

    I think if you will re-read what I wrote, you will see that I said that God is not unable to prevent this or other bad things from happening. You are obviously broken and hurting yourself and I will be praying for your spiritual healing. This is not about us, this is about the Owens family and I will not continue (in this forum) to defend my God to you. I fell into that trap of taking the focus off of the healing for the Owens family, and for that commission of sin, I repent. May God Bless you and have a great day!

  • brad says:

    Amber alert should be on your phone, if not sign up..make it happen. I got an amber alert and I live 60 miles away and so did everyone else I know.

  • mdybch says:

    He is from southern Missouri, born and raised. Has nothing to do with Independence. I agree they aren’t the best people but please don’t loop them all together,

  • Sanctifiedlady says:

    I agree with you.

  • Joe says:

    you are soft and weak.. dont blame the devil.. this man should be cut up and served to the rest of the sickos that my tax money feeds

  • Serena says:

    Are you kidding me? Do not discount this horrible persons actions by saying the “devil” overcame him. He chose to do this. He made a decision and he needs to pay. This little girl is gone because this vile horrible monster took it of his own accord. He should be punished. Yes he should die for what he’s done. He should die slowly and miserably just like anyone who takes the life or innocence of a child. Don’t let him get away with it so easily by making excuses for him.

  • Terry Beavers says:

    To hell with mercy! He needs to PUBLICLY EXECUTED in the most inhumane way possible!!! Let all the other sicko’s see what’s in store for them if they commit a similar crime!

  • mia mazumder says:

    You Should Really Look Up The Word Gentleman In A Dictionary, Seriously!!

  • Please do not insult this girl’s family by calling their 10 yr old daughter’s kidnapper and murderer a “gentleman.” We already have enough redefining of the English language in today’s world. I cannot imagine a less appropriate term for this person, considering his actions this week.

  • Sanctifiedlady says:

    I agree with Sean B. Mercy.

  • CB says:

    Seriously? Pray for him? He (just) heinously murdered this little girl. This man is no gentleman and Im not feeling like praying for Him.

  • ccc says:

    it is sad to see that people do not see that god has an even bigger plan for the people whos lives are taken

  • Melody says:

    How sad for you if you truly believe this! Without God we couldn’t make it through times like this and believe me he will get what is coming to him!

  • Liberals are Demons says:

    The little girls body was found in this Scums house, Is there a doubt that he is guilty? NO.

    So instead of the bleeding heart liberals wanting to drag the trial out for years, and continuing to house and feed this POS for decades.

    Lets let PBS put his execution on prime time, and hang his corpse from a tree.

    But but but , the lethal drug may be out of date………….

  • Joe says:

    run for congress sir.. you got my vote! rip lil girl!

  • Suvi Mayfield says:

    God cannot just stop the world from doing bad! He wants us to choose our own paths. He is testing us to see if we will do good. He can’t stop us from making bad decisions. All you atheists out there use that as a defense for your nonbelieving. What do you think God is? He is man of flesh and bone, not of blood. If God swooped in and carried the girl away and killed the man, everyone would believe. But he wants us to figure it out on our own. You spit upon God, yet you cannot see the many ways and opportunities he has laid on your path. I know I sound like some die hard Christian, but I’m not. I am a sensible young lady who has done many things wrong, even to this very day. You can call me a hypocrite, but answer me this: Aren’t we all?

  • joze says:

    SHUT UP joe…your pea brain is not required at this moment..thank you. peace

  • Joey B says:

    Same place as that snake handling clown who thought jeebus would save him from the poison

  • joze says:

    BRAVO!! well written …my thoughts exactally…they (atheists) always want proof…prove it…prove it…they say…but if you ask them how much they love thier family…i tell them…PROVE IT…you see…they cant..its in the heart and that it why its called FAITH..peace!!

  • Scott says:

    Really?, your going to Troll over this on this Topic get a life

  • ccc says:

    that was a terrible thing to say…. you have my vote ? i think god needs to help him and her family vamos a echar de menos haley

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