Missouri Senator Nasheed’s staffer charged for marijuana possession

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, St. Louis area attorney Eric Vickers was arrested yesterday in Montgomery County Missouri just before 6pm on a charge of misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He has since bonded out of jail according to online arrest records. Vickers, 61, is listed as a legislative staff member on the website for Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed.

Fox 2 has reached out to Nasheed for comment on the arrest. She responded with, “Eric is a valued member of my staff and a friend. My office has the utmost respect for the law and those who enforce it.

I expect this matter to play itself out in a court of law and not through the media. As this is a personnel matter, I intend to not release further statements or address further media requests on it until court proceedings have reached a conclusion.”

We’ve also attempted to reach Vickers for comment. He has not yet responded.


  • Blake

    and just today, Show-Me cannabis let us know that they wont pursue a ballot initiative to legalize MJ so this wouldnt happen. wouldnt that be nice if what he got busted for was legal like beer? why not vote to legalize nasheed?

    • Bob

      They want to wait until the presidential election to put cannabis on the ballot, because if they did it now, it would probably be defeated.

  • Glenda S Reed

    Wish he had gotten caught with an open containter, pretty sad that Alcohol is legal, yet there are so many deaths due to Alcohol posining, and so many MVA fatalities due to Alcohol consumption, yet it’s legal. The government needs to wake up, legalize Marijuana, put a sin tax on it, they would be amazed, I’m sure with in the first quarter we would be out of our deficit, they need to remember not only will they get taxes, but save so much on the legal side, not counting on how many prisoners who could be let out, could save the overcrowding in the prison system.
    But I’m just a low income person who relizes no matter how many times I vote it never goes the way the majority of MO residents vote for, I will always vote, but dang 40 years and it’s still illegal, what the heck, get with the program government!!!

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