Firefighter has to fight fire alone in Washington Park

WASHINGTON PARK, IL (KTVI) – It was a tough night for firefighters in the Metro East.  A fire broke out around 1:30 p.m. at a vacant house on Westmoreland Avenue in Washington Park, IL.

Washington Park’s lone firefighter worked by himself to keep the fire from spreading to an occupied home next door.  Help from nearby fire districts didn’t arrive for half an hour.

Dontay Brooks said he is now a volunteer with the department because of budget cuts.

“It is tough to be here with just the six volunteers that are here,” he said.  The Washington Park fire department has 6 volunteers and it is not unusual for there to only be one on duty at any given time.  At the time of the fire, Brooks was the only one at the fire house.  The fire chief is a city employee.

A police officer tried to wake the woman in the house next door, but got no answer.  She finally woke up when firefighters started spraying water on her house.

No one was injured.