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Dispute involving pregnant woman leads to flare gun shooting

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY (KTVI) – St. Charles County authorities have charged 18-year-old Randy Voerg, Jr. with 2nd degree assault.  He’s jailed on a $100,000 cash only bond. Voerg is accused of wounding Bryan Wilburn with a flare gun. A spokesman for the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department says the shooting was part of a dispute in the Fairview Manor trailer park Friday night.

“It hurt real bad,” said Wilburn.  He showed us his wound. He said he pulled off his hoodie immediately after being shot because it felt as if it was on fire.

Neighbor Charles Pitschner caught the shooting on his surveillance camera.   It shows three individuals arriving in front of Voerg’s home and you can hear words being exchanged.

“I believe it shows Randy defending himself,” said Pitschner.  “He wasn’t the aggressor.  He was the victim.”

Pitschner claims the girl at the center of the dispute had been threatened by Wilburn.

“He made threats that he was going to kick their door down, and he was there to drag her out in the street and do physical injury to her,” said Pitschner.  “Randy defended himself and defended his girlfriend which is carrying his unborn child.”

Wilburn says it’s the other way around.

“We have text messages saying she was in danger, for us to come get her.  She was going to stay with us until her parents could pick her up the next day,” said Wilburn.

It’s a bizarre story with two sides telling very different stories.   The one thing both sides agree on is that it was a flare gun that left the wound.

“It penetrated and burned me real bad,” Wilburn said.  He said doctors told him he was lucky he’ll be okay.

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  • Edith Stephens

    I say BS! In this video you can clearly see that the flare goes ACROSS the street. The injured man was not in Randy’s driveway which is on the left side of the street, He was on the right side of the street waiting for the police to show up because the girlfriend, Sammi called the injured man’s wife to be rescued from Randy. Randy came out of his trailer and HE made threats and then shot the injured man. I personally know these people. You should be sued for negligent reporting and when the facts of Randy’s violent background and prior arrests come out you will look like the unreliable news source most of us already realize that you are.

  • haha

    Seems like typical white trailer trash. Both these men probably don’t work have multiple children. I’m sure Wilburn is back at the trailer park bragging to his degenerate friends or playing a victim. I feel no sympathy for him enforcing laws at the trailer park..the decline of america . way to go Wilburns

  • joshua pettig

    i know both of them too, i still dont know which side to believe seeing how both of them have had bad past experiences and both have alot of anger problems. randys one of my best friends and yes he may be an idiot at points in his life but i know for a fact he wouldnt shoot anyone unless he truely thought it was the right thing to do. if i was there and i knew the complete truth then hed still be at home. its a good thing im aloud to see any footage.

  • chris potter

    I was there it was me and bryan that went over there Bryan’s wife has text messages from Sammy Sally the one that we went over to get because she was texting Brian’s wife want us to come get her cuz Randy wouldn’t let her leave I was in the truck the whole time until bryan got shot talking to the cops before we even got there so how are we instigating anything or we were in the wrong and Brian was in the middle of the street when he got shot you cant see nothing on the video because it’s so far away police did a full crime scene investigation there was no blood in the driveway it was all in the street…so this three people going over there the jump brandi is all BS 1 I’m not about jumping nobody and I’m not a cop caller but I was doing the right thing to she was riding Bryan’s wife saying Randy want to let her leave and her life was being threatened so we gave all the news all them text messages so the truth will come out they should have put it all on there and blast the s*** out of everybody because we were not in the wrong so I don’t care what anybody says the truth will come out and help get what he deserves a bit


    When I saw the tape I think I saw BIG FOOT peeking around some bushes. Probably visiting a friend who lives in the hood.

  • no name

    and how the hell does she have a record of bank robery when shes only 17. that girl has nothing on her record get ur facts straighf

  • Ashley

    Randy is a really good friend. He’s not going to just hurt someone for no reason. Plus his girlfriend is always with him this is all really funny too Me! I love you pitschners!<3

  • truly don't care

    Fairview needs to be shut down all these people sound like garbage they all need to mind their own business and worry about their own problems and stop trying to get media attention fame junkies

  • PooDOLLA

    stupid hick donkeys and their stupid fights. time to clean all this trash out of the US and ship them to a dump.

  • Kayla

    This whole story is quite ridiculous! Randy & Sammi are both really good friends of mine! I’ve known Randy longer than Sammi and I know for a fact randy wouldn’t just shoot someone for no apparent reason. Obviously he was protecting his family from the Wilburn physcos! I’ve been talking to Sammi everyday and she tells me she DID NOT want the Wilburns coming to get her nor did she ever text them. Randy has no right to be in jail right now and will be out real soon! <3

  • feeling sorry for randy

    Pretty sad this young man is being charged I believe the neighbor it sounds like something these people have done before look at their criminal records they should be in jail with randy keep your head up randy

  • No name

    I just heard about this but no I dot think that this story is bizarre I don’t know the wilburns personally but I do know randy because we dated last year and yes I can completely believe the fact that randy would do something like this is does have many criminal backgrounds and can get aggressive and I believe he deserves what he got as for the wilburns I have nothing to say, there is nothing I can say, I don’t know much about them

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