Illinois State Police to conduct night patrols in March

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LITCHFIELD, IL. (KTVI) – The Illinois State Police is going to conduct night enforcement patrols  in March, looking for drivers operating cars unsafely, driving on  suspended or revoked licenses, driving with open alcoholic beverages, driving under the influence and not wearing seat belts

Alcohol and drug use is suspected in nearly 40 percent of all fatal crashes in Illinois.


  • J.c. Reppert

    DWI is a CHOICE made by self-indulgent jerks who just DON’T CARE & CHOOSE to drive after drinking. Commending Law Enforcement for getting these impaired drivers off the roads. DAs & Judges now need to do THEIR jobs-prosecute & severely sentence DWIs. None of this “needs treatment” garbage at taxpayer expense. NO Plea Bargain-no victim of DWI ever got a Plea Bargain. NO Record Expungement. NOT Negotiable. The current practice of “catch & release” isn’t working. Driving SOBER is a CHOICE, too.

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