Production company creates documentary to fight heroin epidemic

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- It`s a documentary about heroin use in St. Louis. "Anatomy of An Overdose" director Sean Trani says it`s a project with a big message

"It had an immediate value and that`s to deter people from trying heroin not even once," said Trani.

Dr. Joseph Forand with St. Anthony's Medical Center approached First Rule Film and Broadcast to make the movie.  It was funded by St. Anthony's Charitable Foundation, The Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists and the National Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. The budget was $20,000 and went well over the original budget. Producers say it took a year to finish the project and they were determined to get it done.

"One thing that makes this project unique is that there is no drug use footage or people shooting up or onscreen ingestion," said Trani.

Dr. Forand says hearing stories of heroin cut with the painkiller fentanyl prompted him to take action. Stories from recovering addicts along with medical and recovery experts also add insight to the film.

"Our emergency room has averages 80 to 100 overdoses in the last 3 years that`s per year.  200 cases and visits to the emergency room are related to heroin," said Forand.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently released information saying heroin is an "urgent health crisis" adding that overdoses have jumped up 45% since 2006. A director`s cut and film festival plans are also in the works.


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