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Motorcyclist dies from injuries in crash

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UPDATE: Police say 46-year old Mark Pikesley, of  Golden Eagle, IL was pronounced dead Tuesday morning.

(KTVI) – A 46-year-old motorcyclist is clinging to life after bad crash on Interstate 55 late Wednesday night.

It happened just before 11 p.m.  Police say the man was traveling southbound on I-55 near Arsenal when he lost control and ran into the back of another vehicle.

The motorcycle slid several hundred feet down the highway before coming to rest.

The 32-year-old driver of the car was not injured.

Wednesday’s accident brings this week’s total to six motorcycle crashes.

On Tuesday, two people were killed in a crash that involved another cyclist and a school bus.

Doc’s Harley Davidson offered motorcycle safety tips for riders and vehicle drivers Thursday morning on FOX2 News.


  • sue stewart mcdonald

    First of all don’t start with all the judging because he wasn’t doing stunts he was on a harley and even if it was a stunt rider your negativity is unbelievable it is still a human being and somebody’s loved one no need to make a horrible situation worse no matter who it was !!!!!

  • really?

    why do people AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME they are always stunters?? oh wait, look who it is, One less stunt rider Dumb@$$…. SMH get a life or better yet, become a “stunter” so we can lose you!

  • Theresa

    This was a truly good man who may not make it he held a great place in a lot of people’s hearts he was doing nothing wrong it was a accident it is a terrible tragedy because the world may loose a good man and a father and sibling

    • Hate Stunt Riders on Crotch Rockets.

      Besides it being cold statement and him being on a BIKE -[ ]–>_, where do you see where I said he was a stunt rider? I was talking about stunt riders doing stunts, he was not doing stunts he was Speeding fast enough to loose control, hit a car and slide several hundred feet down the highway! Now that said, I hope he gets better since he is not a stunt rider and yes I have no sympathy for stunt riders.

    • Juana

      Theresa if you know this man my heart goes out to him & his family!My husband witness him on the ground and he was so shaken up by what he saw,he also drives a motorcycle and it’s a horrible situation!Praying for a full recovery!

  • Tina S.

    I’m so tired of every time a motorcyclist is in an accident that everyone judges so quickly. Not everyone with a motorcycle is a stunt rider. People are losing their lives and everyone wants to put them down. Their family and friends read these blogs and they lost a loved one. So please be considerate.

    • Hate Stunt Riders on Crotch Rockets.

      When the bikers start obeying the rules of the road and not act like they own it, But if a car or bus would have pulled in front of them even though they are a 3rd of the size of other vehicles you would be there bashing the driver. So turn about is fair play!

      • rude comments

        Ppl need to stop judging motorcycles there are just as many stupid idiots driving cars crashing and dying it’s no different rather it’s 4 or 2 wheels so until u know all the facts about what happened then shut up and who r u ppl to judge if it was to cold that day to drive anyways it’s there choice u Ain’t there parents so get off there a** about something you have no idea over!!!

  • sue stewart mcdonald

    Did u ever think he lost control because of something mechanical r hit a pothole it was dark why must he have been doing something wrong I know him and he is one hell of a dude he wasn’t a dangerous driver and u keep putting on here he was speeding was u there ? Quit commenting on what u don’t know like I said before it is what it is a horrible accident!!!!! People make me sick always judging what they don’t know!!!!

  • Patti

    Fr9m what I know an 18 wheeler clipped him that’s why he lost control ald slud. Everyone should shut up until all details are known

    • Stunt Riders are Stupid.

      “Fr9m what I know an 18 wheeler clipped him that’s why he lost control ald slud. Everyone should shut up until all details are known” Your an idiot, where is the proof?? Always some one else causing these wrecks, could you buy a stunt bike and ride it for me. 18 wheeler, this just gets better, maybe the UFO lights blinded him!

  • Catherine

    I am a ICU nurse and was at the scene before first responders. I put my hand on his back and said breathe, and he did. I stayed with him until paramedics arrived. Any news if he is still alive?

  • Sara

    This man passed early this morning. He was not a stunt rider, but he had a family and alot of friends that were left behind. I think we all need to have a little more consideration for the world and people that live in it. Sad to pre judge someone without knowledge of who they are.

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