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Pi Pizzeria to raise minimum to $10.10 for workers

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(KTVI)-  The minimum wage is going way up for some folks who make pizzas, thanks to a call to action from the President and the mayor.

The company that manages Pi Pizzeria restaurants in St. Louis will be paying $10.10 an hour to workers.

Mayor Francis Slay and Chris Summers, the co-founder of Pi and Gringo restaurants will come together Wednesday afternoon to make the announcement. Right now, the minimum wage in Missouri is $7.50 an hour.  This is a $2.60 jump.

Slay announced a city-wide minimum wage of $10.10 in January following President Barack Obama's call to action in his State of the Union address.

This will affect seven restaurants in the St. Louis area.  In a release from the mayor's office, the announcement comes despite a well-funded lobbying effort by the National Restaurant Association and Chamber of Commerce across the country against any increase in minimum wages.

The pay is set for April 1st.


  • Barb v

    I commend them for this move. More companies should follow suit, even if they have to raise their prices.

    • down with the communist

      Have fun paying for it barb. You’re an idiot just like the rest of your liberal counterparts. Funny just saw a factory job offering employment for 10.00 dollars starting, funny it is better to be lazy and work fast food and make more then an honest days work.

      • eadavisblog

        Not only is Pi not a fast food chain, food workers need to earn an honest wage for an honest days work. All jobs that pay a wage and are legitimate jobs are honest work. They work hard, much harder than I worked in my cushy office job for a corporate office downtown…but yet I made 3x the amount that food service workers did. Someone needs to come down off their pedestal, we are all peons at the end of the day.

  • uncle jake

    Poor reporting again – this time by Madden who failed to point out why the associations oppose this. At least the guy who wears bow ties pointed out some issues. I personally found PI overpriced for what I got before. We’ll see if they raise prices or layoff folks and how that works for them in the future.

  • Don Kastle

    Why do elitists like Obama, Slay and Barb V want to hurt poor people???? Don’t they realize the most vulnerable people in society will never find jobs if employers have to pay high wages??? Handicaps, felons, the elderly, teenagers, african americans will all have a hard time finding work in Obama’s economy. I would to see what PI’s workforce looks like in about a year. How many minorities? How many old people? How many disabled individuals?

  • Adama

    maybe instead of complaining about how college graduates dont even make 10.10 an hour, we all should complain to the companys that are making billions and millions in PROFIT. If these companies continue to collect all the money then we will have none! it’s easy to understand. you can say they will raise prices, but that is when we stand up to them. They are making record profits while no matter what, prices still rise and our paychecks stay the same.

    • Chief

      Adama – pull your head out and let me know how much better it smells… This is NOT a company’s fault. They are in the business of making money, thus employing people… It is called the free enterprise system, ever heard of it?

    • bob

      Obviously you have no clue about basic economics and how the free market system operates. Get an education, then you can comment on the issue.

  • STL

    A year from now, let me know how this is working out for them. They are already overpriced, they can’t afford to raise them more and expect people to continue to eat there.

  • McDonnell Dino

    Is Pi going to give there employees 40 hours of work and pay for health insurance? If not, then these employees are going to have to spend any increase on Obama health care. It’s just a smoke screen for local democrats.

  • Pat

    Good move – Just don’t give it to conservatives who hate the poor and so far every thing else to improve the economy .

  • sjb

    I commend Pi for doing this. Hey Republican whiners about the price of the pizza – There’s a simple solution. If you don’t want to pay the price of the delicious pizza, don’t go to Pi. Or, better still, why don’t you blame Obama for this since you blame him for everything else…After all, he did visit Pi when he was in town. (Do you see how ridiculous you’re sounding?). This childish name calling has got to stop.

    • Teaparty@gmail.com

      sjb, it ok for you to anme call but EVERYONE has to stop. “Hey Republican whiner”…” This childish name calling has got to stop.” LOL

  • Bill Streeter (@billstreeter)

    Everyone complains about the slow economy and wages have declined or stagnated for most workers. Businesses need people to buy their stuff, but most people have less money than they had last year … has any of the raising-the-minimum-wage detractors ever make the connection? Do you think the lack of consumer confidence might be related to the lowering of wages? It’s not like companies aren’t making profits and everyone is depressed these days–big companies are doing better than they’ve ever done–profits are at record levels, the economy is working great for them yet wages for the average worker is lower than it’s been in years. But somehow nobody can afford to pay a decent wage anymore, ever wonder how that can be? Think about it.

  • CJ

    If they want to pay that much fantastic. They are doing really well as a company (even if many of you don’t like their pizza apparently, but are still eating there for some reason) and are spreading the wealth while advertising at the same time. If you don’t like the pizza, don’t eat there. Cost-Co (a pretty major retailer) offers benefits and fantastic pay, and is growing faster than Walmart.

  • Brian

    So this is poor reporting anyone who has ever worked in the industry knows the only people getting paid min wage are the bussers (tipped out), hostess, and dishwashers. The servers typically are making less than that due to tips. So if the servers are making 10 an hour should we tip, because everyone knows that the price of service raises the price paid for food. You will never take wealth from an owner. So this really only effects a small number of people.

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