Three friends lose a combined 350 lbs together

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(KTVI) – Getting fit takes more than grueling workouts or clean eating.  It also takes a solid sense of community, according to three Metro-East women lose 350-pounds together.

“I wasn’t able to do things with my kids,” Odell remembers being 345-pound. “I wasn’t able to things with my kids. I wasn’t able to do things with my friends. I was friendly, but unsocial.”

So she got out of her home and into the YMCA. That is where she met Carrie Roberts and Laura Gilomen, who were also struggling with their weight.

“Life before, I want to say like a hermit,” Roberts said. “I didn’t like to do a lot of things. I didn’t go out a lot. Meeting these guys has helped with motivation. We text each other and we’re like, ‘Okay. What have you eaten today? Accountability.’”

Laura Gilomen is almost unrecognizable. Her svelte arms leave no reminder of her overweight days. She is now a fitness instructor. But, Gilomen says she still needs help to stay on a healthy path.

“They’re like my lifeline. I wake up in the morning with texts of good breakfast ideas. I texted Elizabeth on the way to the kettle-corn station like, ‘You have to talk me out of this so, I can put this bag down.’”

The ladies say none of them got any type of weight-reduction surgeryand they lost every pound with diet, exercise, and teamwork. As for the future, they are stuck with each other.

“I truly, truly recommend you get a friend to support you in whatever it is,” Odell said.

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