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Kathleen Sebelius: Healthcare coverage deadline extension

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(KTVI) – Under the Affordable Care Act, Americans who do not have health insurance for more than three months could be facing a tax penalty for 2014. If you're one of those rushing to register before Monday's deadline, you've got more time because that deadline has been extended.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius spoke with Randi Naughton about the program and the deadline extension.

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    • Steven Sweeney

      There’s not enough sheep like bye bye signing up for this socialist garbage, so they keep changing the rules and constitution as they go along..I don’t mind though, because the dog eater in chief and the rest of the left wing commies will pay dearly in the mid terms..

  • Doug

    Why no mention of the fact she PULLED THE PLUG on the interview when Randi asked about the delays?

    Should be a national story,

  • Brian

    I watched that too… Sebelius mumbled something to someone off camera, and the feed “mysteriously” dropped…

  • Doug Dante

    Sebelius appeared to cut off the interview without addressing the reporter’s questions.

    I would love for Sebelius to address the appearance of systematic violations of the rights of children and parents by HHS funded Title IV-D and IV-E agencies. In Michigan, major news outlets reported that at least two children were improperly removed from their parents care by so called “orders” which appear to have been created by social workers wielding rubber stamps. In Kentucky, major news outlets reported that children were found with foster parents with criminal records. In Connecticut, an HHS Inspector’s General report found that federal laws requiring background checks were ignored. Sebelius’s Inspector General relies on “annual self assessments” rather than meaningful audits of these programs, which appears to violate the Single Audit Act and the government auditing standards. (More information is available in the reddit men’s rights FAQ)

    Caring for these children requires the effective administration and faithfully and auditing of HHS funded programs, and I hope that Sebelius will reform her agency to protect vulnerable Americans, but, for now, those children and parents must hope for justice and persevere.

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