“Redneck road rage” video shows driver getting taste of instant karma


EDITORS NOTE: The video above shows hand gestures that may be offensive to some viewers.

TAMPA, FL — A Florida woman captured an amazing act of road rage and posted it to YouTube. The incident did not end well for the driver.

The YouTube video shows a truck and tailgating a small car. At one point the man driving the truck tries to pass the woman in the car.

“After about a minute and me shaking my head, I pulled out my phone and started recording,” she wrote on YouTube. “I couldn’t move over because there were trucks in the right lane and I sure as heck wasn’t going to speed on a rainy day with the roads being as slick as they were. I was turning left in about a half-mile when this happened.”

He then flashes an offensive gesture at her and loses control of the vehicle. His truck fish-tails, and spins out in the center median.

TheBlaze reported the man in the truck fled the scene, but police were able to use the video to find and charge him.

“Thanks to this video he has been caught and charged. Massive props to the Sheriffs Department and most especially the Highway Patrol who responded to the scene. This moron could have easily killed somebody with his moronic behavior, and my laughing at the end would have been replaced with tears. Needless to say though, I’ve never seen Karma come back so fast.”


  • Michael Knopoff

    Very clear to me by the attitude of the lady. YOU DON’T PROVE A POINT OR TEACH SOMEONE A LESSON WHILE YOU ARE ON THE ROAD! The speed limit is 55. I’m going 55. I am ENTITLED to this lane. Karma hits you back when you find out he was taking his kid to the hospital. He could force you over and kill you. You will never know. people have been killed for less.

  • Bill

    try driving in Florida. It is worse than anywhere. They only drive in the lane that is convenient to them and the hell with everyone else. And what are directional signals? And these people are not normally native Floridians but from other states. Don’t know how it got this way.

  • Scooter

    The law in Florida reads:

    ‘(2) …, the driver of an overtaken vehicle shall give way to the right in favor of the overtaking vehicle, … and shall not increase the speed of his or her vehicle until completely passed by the overtaking vehicle.’

    Florida Statutes 316.083

    The woman should be held liable for damages caused by her unlawful actions (not yielding to the right, speeding up when being passed, etc.).

    • Annie

      COMMON SENSE LAW. When I lived in Germany they passed a new law for drivers called the, Courtesy Law’ Because people would swoop in a a parking place you may have been waiting for 5 mins or more.. Parking is really hard when shopping at the grocers. THANK YOU FOR THIS FL LAW. Finally ONE that has value.

  • Scooter

    The law in Florida reads:

    ‘(2) …, the driver of an overtaken vehicle shall give way to the right in favor of the overtaking vehicle, … and shall not increase the speed of his or her vehicle until completely passed by the overtaking vehicle.’

    Florida Statutes 316.083

    The woman should be held liable for damages caused by her unlawful actions (not yielding to the right, speeding up when being passed, etc.).

  • Jim Sterrett

    Everyone keeps yammering how the guy was driving unsafely. If this woman needed to turn left, as she claimed, why in the 5 minutes that she was taking this video did she not turn left? How is videotaping your driving safer than simply wanting to use the left lane for its intended purpose? How is speeding up to prevent someone from passing you after you forced them to pass you on the right safe driving? I really hope the police revoke her driver’s license. She shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car. And his driving didn’t cause the accident, hes did. If she had just been in the lane she should have been, none of this would’ve happened.

  • Scott

    I appreciate you sharing the video. While I agree that he is a jerk this is going to create a legal situation for you.

    It’s hard evidence for him that you were more concerned with your filming of his reaction behind, on the side, and in front of your vehicle. More than you were concerned about any safety, to include yours.

    From my legal experience, you will hear from his attorney. I would suggest removing this evidence from You tube.

    There are two side to every story and with his – this video proves you were intimidating him and new it. The laugh doesn’t help either.

  • Lisa Buttry

    All of the crappy drivers stay in the fast lane and they will not move over to another lane even if they are holding up a mile of traffic and they have numerous opportunities to get over, they think it’s funny apparently!

  • NickB

    First off, she regardless of if she says she wasn’t looking at her phone, she was still using it which causes more accidents than anything. Second, if she didn’t speed up as he tried to pass on the right, he simply would have gotten around and there would have been no issue. The fact that she sped up caused the guy to flick her off (yeah that’s not right but who cares), she closed the gap allowing him to get over and he drove like Mario Andretti in a 9,000 lb truck on wet roads. Yes the guy was pissed but she definitely antagonized him and should be held responsible, especially since it was obvious that she intentionally speed up to not let him by. All of you that are on her side and blaming him are the people that need to stay off the road.

  • Bud

    Like i said before you DON’T know what’s going on in the car that is trying to pass you, if they’re crazy or not, if they will get ticket or not… if they are rushing a dying baby to a hospital or … none of your business GET THE F*** OUT of the way… PLEASE!!!! for everybody safety… police is there to see about driving violation, make sure you get your lottery ticket safely in the right lane.


    BTW those of you who think she’s right(video) you ppl should seriously consider taking the bus !!! before you get a bullet in the head by some real redneck that you will eventually get furious !!! spare the states some money… take the bus ! or better yet stay in your lalaland away from realities of civilisation. but anyhow…GET THE F*** OUT of the way… PLEASE!!!!

  • law dog

    if this would have ended in a fatality sure as your born the person doing the filming would also know karma

  • LT Dan

    The woman baited the poor guy into this accident. She instigated the situation by driving 47 mph in the Passing Lane! She picked out this poor man to push his buttons and try to cause him problems! She was clearly breaking the passing lane law. She clearly cannot drive a motor vehicle properly and should not have a drivers license. When a bicycle rides up behind you on the sidewalk do you continue to walk in his way? This man is the victim here. Lady, if you can’t drive your car properly you shouldn’t be on the road. Do us all a favor and buy a bicycle or walk. Quit subjecting those of us living in a competitive society to your utter incompetence and evil instigating passive aggressiveness

  • Derrick

    Tailgating happens when the driver wants the vehicle in front of him to move over so he can pass. It’s a request. Obviously some “requests” are stated more rudely than others but I still view it as a request. I oblige. I drive faster than 75% of traffic but almost every day at least one fast driver gets behind me and either makes the request or is about to make the request. So I move over. I don’t care why he is going fast or why I wasn’t driving fast enough for him. It does not hurt my ego one bit to move over. He wants to pass me. That is all. He just wants to get somewhere quicker than I do. So why would I NOT move over? I can think of many reasons, including the reason this lady gave of needing to turn left soon, but most involve exerting some form of control against an imaginary enemy. I can play dumb like I don’t see him. I can slow down and antagonize him. I can speed up when he tries to pass me on the right and enrage him. I can take the risk of video recording the road rage art I created. No thanks. I don’t need that fake power trip. If that’s what makes me feel powerful then I would be a pathetic weakling. Ten seconds or less to move over and he is out of my life forever. I move over. That lady created that situation and until people like her realize they don’t have the right to control traffic, let alone other peoples’ emotions, road rage will continue to be prevalent.

  • Derrick

    And for those of you quoting what SHE said in the written story, remember we never heard HIS side of the story. All we have is HER video and HER story. Of which the video makes her look even worse than him if you analyze it with an open mind. The title alone of this biased news story appears to have influenced 1/3 of you before you even clicked play. What would really be awesome is if someone else filmed the entire incident.

    (I will say this though, if the truck driver fled the scene then “my” best “guess” would be due to alcohol. Once alcohol is found then he doesn’t have a chance. She could have popped out of the sunroof with a rocket launcher and then stuffed it in her trunk after he wiped out trying to avoid impending death. It wouldn’t matter. The police wouldn’t have even searched her car.) Alcohol makes you wrong even if you would have been right. Not saying I agree or disagree. That’s just the way it works. Hopefully my guess is wrong and there was no alcohol involved.

  • Seen this before

    How could any normal person look at his behavior before during and after and not think un-american, unmanly and cowardly?

  • Matt

    Parallax3D is either the driver of this truck or the driver of this truck’s lover. I can literally think of no other reason he would be defending the driver of the truck so passionately and so often.

  • Scooter

    Civil suit complaint.

    Florida Statutes 540.08:
    ‘(1) No person shall publish, print, display or otherwise publicly use for [personal gain] the name, portrait, photograph, or other likeness of any natural person without the [person’s] express written or oral consent…’
    ‘(2) In the event the consent … is not obtained, the person …, may bring an action to …, recover damages for any loss or injury sustained by reason thereof, including an amount which would have been a reasonable royalty, and punitive or exemplary damages… .’

  • Rachel

    Did any of you actually READ the story? She was preparing to turn left about 6 blocks up. Kinda hard to do that from the right lane. She ALSO said she was unable to merge right because there was traffic to her right preventing her from doing so. There WAS more to the story besides the video.

  • rassledassle@hotmail.com

    That’s true. She was (as some would call it), in the fast lane doing 57. Try that on hwy 40 at 5:30 pm going west bound.

  • Jim Hall

    Did by chance think that she may have passing the truck next to her but just not fast enough for the guy behind her???????

  • Karen

    Yes, that was tailgating. If you’re doing 50 m.p.h., you should leave at least 5 car lengths from the car in front of you. Most people nowadays tailgate.

  • Norm

    Absolutely correct! As I followed the video, there were opportunities to move over AND, if you look in the rear view, there was no traffic behind the angry driver and I observed rather long stretches of no vehicles in the right lane which means she could have easily moved over and back again. She was not turning left until 1/2 mile AFTER the other driver lost control. There was ample time and traffic was not heavy enough to warrant her just sitting in the lane. Not sure what the laws are there, but where we live the law in general says you have to get over unless passing if other vehicles are behind (with some exceptions, of course).

  • Penny

    Emily I was thinking the exact same thing. She better hope the guy doesn’t try to sue her because she was busy video taping him while she was driving. Both of them were in the wrong.

  • Tommy H

    Not every state has cell phone or hand held device laws. Some that do also have age restrictions with these laws. Others outlaw it completely. I live in Missouri where it is legal to use a hand held device (cell) as long as you are 21 years and up. Not saying that it makes sense lol just saying. Either way if she was in any wrong or not, his continued gesture was not necessary after he had already passed her. His inattention to the road was far longer and more distracting to his driving then her cell phone use. As I can tell in the video, she didn’t seem to be looking at it often since it was rather shakey and not very focused.

  • John

    Agreed. She claimed she was driving slow because it was rainy and slick yet she filmed the entire incident on her cell phone while driving so that excuse doesn’t fly. She knew she was ticking him off so she continued blocking the left lane on purpose and then filmed it. I suspect she’s one of those who routinely uses the left lane as her own personal sight seeing lane and doesn’t care that she’s holding up traffic. That doesn’t excuse the rude and unsafe behavior on the other driver’s part but she’s as much to blame for what happened as he is for deliberately blocking the passing lane when she knew he wanted to pass her.

  • Bob

    Unfortunately she cannot be charged because it is not illegal to hold and use a hand held device while driving in Florida.

  • rassledassle@hotmail.com

    All hypocrites. Each and everyone one of us knows we tailgate someone if they are going too slow in the passing lane. The universal sign is by tailgating to indicate to the driver ahead to please give way.

  • Chris Hudson

    Um…no, we don’t. Plenty of us have the sense to either give the person in front of us enough space, or pass if it’s a problem. The only thing that tailgating is a ‘universal sign’ of, is ‘I’m impatient and have no regard for my safety or that of others.’

  • Tommy H

    Penny, he would have no claim under a civil suite if he tried to sue. He was not distracted because of her cell phone recording but because of his inattention to the road, speed, weather conditions, and prolonged gesture of the finger lol. He was pretty much at all fault and all actions he committed are on him.

  • kaltech

    Read it again, she said he was tailing her for 3-5 minutes before she started recording. How much time does she need to prepare for a left turn?

  • Bob

    But the video DISPROVED her story about the right lane being blocked so that she could not move over. Also at the speed she was going, she covered approx 2 miles just while recording. So how close was she to that left turn?

  • Janet

    Just because she claims that she was eventually going to turn doesn’t give her an excuse for staying in the passing lane for miles knowing that there’s a driver behind her who wants to pass her. She had plenty of room to move over as you can see from her own video whether she claims there were “too many trucks” to get over or not. She’s lying. Taking the side of this awful driver means that you’re likely also a bad, irresponsible, selfish driver that causes tariffs jams and car accidents just like she does.

  • oldglasslady

    I read the story but I watched the video too! By her own reckoning she drove in the left hand lane over 2 miles. You are suppose to ALWAYS drive in the right hand lane unless passing or turning and you only need about 500 ft. to turn in. Add to the the videoing she
    should have been written a ticket as well. The idiot in the truck though – just too stupid to have a license.

  • Jim Sterrett

    so ummmm… yuo need a 6 block warm up period to actually make a turn? can’t just go about 100 yards or so before? She was in the left lane for the entire duration of the video. Exactly how much preparation does this woman need?

  • Janet

    That’s absolutely right. This woman needs to stop acting like she’s a hero in this video. We’ve all dealt with slow driving grandmas who block traffic in passing lanes and it can be very frustrating. This accident never would have happened if this woman hadn’t been being so selfish and blocking the passing lane. And she was making a video while doing it! Some martyr for driving safety , huh? :-/

  • Janet

    She’s more dangerous. She caused this accident. People like her do stuff like this all the time and they always think they’re in the right. When you drive like that, you’re forcing everyone behind you to drive as slowly as you. And she has the nerve to post this video and play hero. She had no business being in the left lane. Period. This woman should be charged with reckless driving.

  • jessica

    Bob i couldn’t agree more!!! The right lane is for people PASSING, she had an EXTREME amount of time to get over, she should have not been driving in the passing lane that long!!! She should have gotten over, ridiculous, I don’t view her as a victim at all!

  • Steven Sweeney

    This woman caused the whole thing..Doing less than 60 in the fast lane, then speeding up when the truck tried to pass..You can’t loiter in the fast lane, and you’re not supposed to be on your phone either..granted he should not tailgate, but she caused congestion, then the accident..Whoever calls her a hero should have a bus pass along with this stupid, rude woman..

  • Lisa Buttry

    That’s how they roll in Florida!!!!
    They’re all crappy drivers!!!
    One is worse than the other!
    I lived there for 1year and saw more car accidents in that one year in Fl. than I’ve seen in my 25 years of driving all together. If you aren’t doing at least 70 mph on the highway, they will seriously get mad and try to run you over! Its the only state that I’ve lived in, where people will steady honk their horn at you on the highway if they want you to drive faster, even if your in the slow lane and the other lanes are open for them to get over in another lane!
    Crazy honkin fools in Fl.

  • Allie K

    How do you know what the speed limit in the fast lane was? Maybe it was 55 and this guy was speeding. Did you know that you are supposed to SLOW DOWN in the rain because driving in the rain can be dangerous? She did not cause this, this guy made a choice and a horrible one at that. He got lucky he did not kill himself or someone else.

  • suckIT

    the lady even said it was raining, the roads were slick, and there were trucks in the right lane so she was passing them. Maybe you should read first before spewing random worthless things onto a page.

  • Kim

    This is Rt41. The highest the speed limit is in that area would be 50-55. She shows she is going faster. The trucks on the right prevented her from getting over. And she was moving faster than the traffic on the right.

  • Bob

    Your ignorance is amazing. I pray that when this obviously extremely aggressive road rage driver kills some innocent person that is one of your family members. Since you support hs actions I am sure you will be happy when your loved ones is crippled or killed. Course I bet you would also be the first to scream for a lawyer. Hey, you can also say a prayer thanking God it was your loved one and not some innocent person.

  • CrazyB

    Some states don’t have a fast lane. In MO I think they call it the “passing lane’ and in CA its the “carpool lane”. And even if it was the fast lane we don’t know the posted speed limit for that road. Fast lane does not equal speeding lane.

  • jake

    this lady is my hero. ppl think they have a right to speed and drive crazy just because their to lazy to leave on time. Doubt this guy had a hot date

  • Karen

    exactly. she instigated more drastic moves from him by being a flat out b and speeding up when he went to pass. they BOTH should have wrecked because they were BOTH idiots

  • Whitney

    They are both horrible drivers. She is not innocent. Video taping while you are driving? Thats safe. She was also antagonizing him by speeding up and sslowing down. Ok so maybe he shouldnt tailgate but slow drivers cause accidents too. Just get over and let the guy pass you. Not worth it!!!

  • glenn

    Steve, In most states it is illegal for a vehicle to drive in the left lane unless they are passing, regardless of the speed! Once you pass & over take the vehicle you are suppose to signal & merge back into the right lane. That lady should be ticketed for impeding the flow of traffic & for careless driving while using a cell phone. Her insurance company should also raise her rates as she is a dangerous driver! Those are the types of drivers that don’t yield to emergency vehicles who are responding to emergencies as they navigate through the left lane! I’d be very interested in viewing this ladies past traffic record! Idiots like her cause accidents & I hold her partially responsible for that accident. If she moves back into the right lane like the law specifies that accident doesn’t happen! Lets see if the police will do their job now.?? They have all the proof required to write a citation to that crazy woman!

  • Parallax3D

    Camping out in the left lane is a sign for, “I’m special, and everyone on the road should be forced to drive as slow as I do.”

  • pass this

    tailgating is also a sign for I’m special just go ahead and move out of the way for me because I’m the only one that really needs to get somewhere.

  • Jim Sterrett

    in the very start of the video, the truck was already behind her. there was nothing behind the first truck she was passing so she was already in the left lane for a while. she continued to drive in the left lane during the entire filming of the incident. So where exactly was this left turn she so desperately needed to make that she couldn’t just let a guy pass her?

  • Jim Sterrett

    so, shes your hero because people dont have the right to drive faster than you do FOR SHAAAAAAAME and even though most people recognize that the left lane is for passing. nope not you. “i’m gonna drive in whatever lane at whatever speed BECAUSE IT’S MY RIGHT” you sir should be assraped repeatedly by an angry donkey.

  • Jim Sterrett

    and comically, you refer to dsbaf as a “genious” implying that he is’t very smary. but ummm… that’t not how genius is spelled. you also said “their too lazy to leave on time” their too lazy what? their is a possessive adjective and never in the history of the language = “they are”

  • Dsbaf

    Surprised your mom still gives you access to the computer, “genius.” (Tip — next welfare check, buy a dictionary.)

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