Woman delivers baby after husband dies in accident

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(WXIN) – An off-duty Indiana police officer has been arrested for driving while intoxicated after an accident that killed one person.

Police say there were two people in the car the off-duty officer hit. A woman who was nine months pregnant, and her husband. According to a YouCaring.com page, the couple was on their way home from church when the accident happened.

The woman was taken to a hospital and delivered her baby.

Her husband was killed.

Read the full story here: Off-duty officer arrested on drunk driving charges in fatal accident


  • EricInSed

    Trajic Story either way you choose to believe, ASHinSTL. They just like you have the right to their beliefs. I’ll say a prayer for them and you. The problem in society now is that everyone wants to think their beliefs are the only way and wants to enforce them on everyone else. I, like them, choose to believe in God. I won’t force that on you. If you choose not to believe, so be it.

    • ASHinSTL

      Congrats… you belong to a large group of people who “choose” make believe over reality and I hope the easter bunny brings you some nice britches and candy, cuz ya know, he’s real too.

  • OhKate

    Nobody has mentioned that it was a POLICE OFFICER that was the drunk driver. That’s a little bit more disturbing than a “fake” or “real” God.

    • ASHinSTL

      Cops are humans… they F up. Punish the man, no doubt. Tho while we are at it… let us also at least hold gods to the same standards we hold humans.

      • Mark

        You cannot put God on the same playing field as humans. God is perfect humans are flawed. If this family had gone to a baseball game or NASCAR race who would you point the finger at then? Long story short bad things happen to both good and bad people. If we could get rid of this need to drink alcohol things like this would be less likely to happen. It could still happen but the chances would be less.

    • ASHinSTL

      No Steve, what is pathetic is watching you folks do gymnastics to try and utterly fail at making excuses for your sky buddy’s short comings, you racist, molester defender.

      • Steven Sweeney

        mud slinging and no facts..typical left wing dem atheist. you remind me of those d-bags in school who used to dress all in black and call themselves “goths” they said that they hated conformists..I pointed out that they were conforming like ALL the other goths.You sound just as stupid, but more petty.Shame you have to malign spirituality just because of your daddy issues.Slandering others just shows what a misfired swimmer you truly are..

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Well, how about I mention it was a POLICE OFFICER?

    And just think, if this tragedy hadn’t happened, likely the drunk cop would have never been discovered, as he/she would have had this covered up/never prosecuted, etc. etc. as cops get privileged treatment when THEY violate the law.

    In fact, I wonder how much of a known problem this cop’s drinking likely was BEFORE this tragic accident?

    Well, let’s hope the law throws the book at this lawless lawman. He should get at LEAST as much as any driver convicted of manslaughter – NO, he should be held to a HIGHER standard and get more.

    But we all know, don’t we: He’ll get one year plus probation. Being a fine man and all.

    Ironically, the victim being religious and on their way to church may HELP convict this guy or get a longer term! Being a fine religious man and all.

    Meanwhile, Mesasge to god: More GREAT work there, buddy!

  • Chief

    Bye bye is pathetic and soul less. I would pray for him, but the good Lord told me it was no use!

  • nolongernieve

    Amazing how in the face of tragedy some people have nothing better to say or do than push their hate. And people wonder why the world is in the condition it is. Pathetic!

  • Deborah Vierdag

    How sad that people turn this in to a forum of God haters. It is such a tragedy that people go out and don’t use their God given brain to realize you don’t drink and drive. I pray for this family and hope that the woman’s faith will sustain her through the difficult days ahead. Thank God she and her unborn child survived. The police officer will have to live the rest of his life in a hell on earth. I am glad that I believe in God and know that it takes faith,not hate, to get through some of our trials in life.

  • ps@yahoo.com

    Regardless of the deity you prefer to worship or not. A wife lost her husband and a child lost its father. The choices of HUMANS caused the accident. Not the Choice of a God or lack there of. Feel sorry for the poor woman and child now having to do it alone.

  • Lainey Lou

    I actually came here to post about the fact that it was a cop….driving drunk. I hope he doesn’t get preferential treatment….that was my first thought actually.

    I saw Ash’s comment and agreed. I was raised with religion and have determined it’s a bunch of hooey. I don’t condemn those that believe though….just don’t force it upon me. Been there…done that.

    I hope this family can find peace.

  • Tiffinie

    I truly hope that the baby is doing good. Would really like to hear an update about the babies well being and moms. RIP DAD… AND HUSBAND. Another victim lost to stupidity of alcoholism. So sad, tragic and obviously could have been avoided. Big hugs and warm thoughts to the family… yes.and even to the police officer who so foolishly made the wrong decision. It’s hard not to say anything about the other comments made on this forum, but I will leave you with this: if you don’t believe in something, u will fall for anything… and if u just believe in yourself and know that humans will fail,… then why would anyone want to.believe in.that? Just saying. Xoxox

  • GG

    Very sad and very tragic story for all involved… Even more sad are the comments and our lose of faith in God and in humanity.

  • Faith

    Curious people seem to always blame God when something bad happens instead of satan, when something good happens who gets the accolades for that ?

  • Ms. Taylor

    For the comments about there not being a GOD if that is the case, why is his name continuously coming out of your mouths? Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, so why is it so important that you try to convince everyone of your beliefs?? If you don’t believe in GOD then you and only you will stand on Judgment Day to proclaim that. I do but I’m not going to bash you or try to make a believer out of you. And that is just good HUMAN advice, can you take that?

  • Holly Harbottle

    so I guess people aren’t U. S. citizens because we all were taught tolerance and acceptance of others race, creed, nationality, freedom of speech…..ect but i mainly hear I don’t accept the fact you are religious and i am not there for im going to bash what might be your beliefs

  • walking miracle

    Judge not lest ye be judged …I am guessing everyone commenting has never did a single thing wrong their entire life !!!!

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