Two teens attacked mob style on Washington Avenue

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- There are a growing number of fight clubs involving teenagers throughout the city. But two victims who were recently attacked say they had absolutely no desire to fight.

Taeloni Ivy, 15, and her younger sister were attacked on Saturday afternoon by a group of girls while waiting for a bus at a Metrolink station on Washington Avenue. Her sister was attacked twice. Ivy`s aunt Shannon says she found that the disturbing video was posted on Facebook.  Fox 2 went to St. Louis City Police Chief Sam Dotson who says random mob attacks are a new phenomenon they are trying to stop.

"They just ran up to my sister and the girl came out of nowhere and was like I want to fight you. I want to fight you and my sister just tried to walk away. My sister said you can`t give me a reason why we would fight so why are we fighting?" said Ivy.

"We know a lot of the kids ride Metrolink to get to their locations. We have presence on Metrolink Washington Avenue. Law enforcement can`t take the place of parents. There were 20 or 30 kids all together. Where is the parental supervision?" said Dotson.

Police say they are keeping tabs on attacks and plan to do hot spot police patrols in targeted areas.

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  • Randy Astonishing

    The parents were probably too busy drinking nyquil and eating rap snacks to have any concern for their kids and their fighting. If they care at all they are probably proud of how ghetto they be raisin them.

  • Just Me

    If we could just merge the City and the County together the crime statistics for the City would drop traumatically and this incident would be just a bleep.

    Let’s do what Chicago is doing to lessen their crime rate.

    No suspect caught…………No crime committed or reported.

    A murder in Chicago is not a murder unless they have apprehended a suspect.

    A few scratches with a pencil, a little white out and a bunch of turned heads and Waaaaa Laaaa.

    Lower crime statistics.

    Problem solved.

  • Tom Hayes

    At a very young age I enrolled my daughter at World Martial Arts to learn Tae Kwan Do. She advanced to 2nd degree Black belt. All smart parents should enroll their children in self defense classes. At least when some stupid punk kid tries to pick a fight with another person schooled in martial arts, the perp will wind up on their rear end!

  • Dave

    Well Chief Dotson, the guy who did the shooting obviously does not care about laws so why do you think making a law banning certain guns will stop these crimes?

      • Steven Sweeney

        More violent hood rat thugs running in packs and committing crimes..Super cat must be proud..Funny how you NEVER hear of Caucasian kids doing this, but urban kids ALL the time.Why is that? These thugs were so proud, they posted it on facebook, just like ashinstl flaunts his anti semitism.These lefty haters should be jailed or deported..

  • Melissa

    I bet almost all the kids involved do not come from a two parent home. When your mom is already a poor decision maker and decides to have little bastards out of wedlock, I am not shocked she does not instill manners and home training in them. You cannot have morals while laying with your legs open to have a child before you are married. The parents should be punished not the kids. Then maybe, these loose girls will think twice before becoming teen mom 2. WOMEN need to start standing up and saying it is NOT ok for women to ruin society because they are hot and bothered. Be a real woman and protect yourself. Abstain if you are too stupid or hot to use protection. It is never too late to break the cycle so your bastard children now will not have little bastards of their own! #PUNISHBADPARENTSFROMTHEBEINNING


      You sound so ignorant. Those children are GOD’S creation,no matter how they were conceived. Yes, there is a problem and you are part of the problem!!!!! SO THE QUESTION IS, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? MELISSA!!!!!!

  • Ralleigh Grandberry IV

    Im just shocked to see all the low down lame racist comments. Oh wait no i’m not. Anyone that has to make comments like this dont have a real life, career or household. So you need things like this so you can vent on why your life is so bad. Whether black or white, this is a socioeconomic issue not a race one. Are Black kids in Ladue doing this no?!?!?! And that is a given. Are black kids that attend Wash U doing this NO?!?!?! and that is a given but you make it seem as if all blacks do this. Get a clue and a real job. Because, once you start living a life of real socioeconomic ascension you’ll understand, but as long as you live in St. Chuck where the homes are cheap and so are your values, you’ll continue to seek out the “black boogeyman”.

    • Byebyetotherite

      Raleigh is blind to the facts, but like a true democrat don’t let the facts get in your way.

    • D

      @Ralleigh Grandberry IV great rebuttal. Everyday on Fox 2 more racist comments under every incident. This is why Missouri will never change “white is right” and can do no wrong. Its sad to read under every comment all the racist derogatory comments, and the people writing these are probably teachers, business professionals that traded in the white hoods for a necktie and starched shirts. Probably would be the first to say ‘oh I’m not racist at all” sad country we live in today.

  • "Opinionated"

    “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

    (Albert Einstein)

    No wonder the “city” of St. Louis continues to be a literal sewer of crime and despair.

  • Ralleigh Grandberry IV

    White drive bys, white gangs. You’re living in a fairy tale if you think these things dont exist. Who do you think perpetuates the most crime in the state of MO whites or blacks. You’d be dumb to think blacks because whites make up over 80% of the population. You’re so blinded by the fact that it cant be little suzy or jimmy that you make up these stereo types to fit the description. Go to jeff city, go to columbia, go to Joplin. It aint blacks doing crimes there. So yes whites do a great deal of violence. But as i said it is a socioeconomic crime. Poor people do this, black or white. OR DID YOU MISS THAT PART??? But i would bet the genius 2cents and the sooooo smart byebye dont want to consider the socioeconomic reach of the perpetrators. They only want to label them, but if i say the highest crime is stealing and it is in the rural areas they wouldnt want to debate that.

    • Byebyetotherite

      61 percent of prison pollution is black!!! But like I said don’t let the facts get in your way.

    • rose

      If Black’s are only 20% of Missouri’s population, yet they are 60% of the prison population, well, enough said. Go to work for Mo. Dept. of Corrections, you will witness 100% of racism, with 95% of that black. Black people are the most racist people, in prison, military, or workforce. They sure taught me what racism is. In most of our max. security prisons the ratio’s are more like 75% Black.

  • Vell

    Don’t let these online racist punks upset you. Everyone knows Steve is a bish, all he does is sit online and troll the comment section. Don’t be surprised that a few more follow him in being faceless, gutless, racists online commenters. I look fwd to seeing them make the news, or there daughters families, etc. Then ill do a little trolling as well. As far as Steve, hedoes get away from trolling after dark…you can find him on S.Broadway looking for prostitutes.

  • lhg

    Sure there are white people that steal, fight and murder but not at the same percentage as blacks sorry thats just the facts. If you ever watch the program on A&E Scared Straight you will see. There is usually one white kid to 5 or 6 blacks. There were 3 girls on there the other night all the same age with the same dad that had been killed in a gang fight and all had different baby mamas.They were 13 and already gang banging so the blacks can spout that bs but I ain’t buying what they are selling

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