Easter Egg Safety

(KTVI) - Improperly prepared eggs can leave your stomach "hopping down the bunny trail" this Easter.

Saint Louis University dietitian Katie Eliot shells out some useful facts.

·         Eggs are a great source of protein, and bacteria thrive on protein - which is why you need to be careful to prepare and store eggs properly.

·         The keys to egg safety are time and temperature. Don`t keep them out too long at a temperature where bacteria can grow.

·         Select eggs that don`t have cracks.

·         Store them in your refrigerator.

·         Cook them to the right temperature.

·         Don`t leave them sitting out for more than two hours if you plan to eat them.

·         In other words, don`t hide boiled eggs for an Easter egg hunt that lets them stay out (unrefrigerated) for two hours, then serve them as egg salad.

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