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Police: Dad was smoking pot when 4-year-old shot his brother

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – The St. Louis County prosecutor has filed charges against a father after authorities say a 4-year-old shot his 3-year-old brother in the arm.

Larry Madison is charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child as well a marijuana possession.  Authorities say Madison was smoking pot when the shooting happened.

Madison is accused of leaving a loaded gun in a closet that was easily accessible to the children.

Police say the brothers found the 12-gauge shot gun and were playing with the weapon when it fired one time.   Police received the call for help just after Noon on Easter Sunday.

Police say the children’s mother and father were home at the time of the shooting. The father was taken into custody.

Police say the mother was taking a nap. She is also the mother of a 3-month old baby.   One investigator said the injury to the child appeared to be a minor wound to one his arms.

One neighbor said he knew the family and was just praying everything would be okay.

“Just a sad situation,” said that neighbor. “Good family, just a sad situation and hopefully everything works out for him. “

Bonnie Caroll lives a block away. She shook her head over the news a child was injured while playing with a shotgun.

“I hear about these cases all the time,” said Caroll. “Parents need to keep an eye on their kids and put their guns up.”

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  • ScottM

    “a good family”…
    uh huh, our reluctance to judge any behavior as “bad” had folks calling a family who allows loaded firearms to be played with by toddlers “a good family”

    no, sorry, this isn’t a good family.

  • amanda

    This is horrible… I believe people have the righr to have guns, but people should be smart enough to put them up so shit like this doesnt happen.

  • Danielle Litterst

    First of all, the mother has a 3 month old. If you have ever had kids, you know that those first few months are tough because you dont get enough sleep so taking a nap is understandable. You dont know the circumstances of this family unless you personally know them. And while the shotgun should not have been loaded, and the children should have been supervised, maybe people should not be so quick to judge others. Im sure everyone commenting here has made mistakes and others might have been quick to judge them iff they were broadcast on the news. As far as DFS, they will be called and the family will be fully investigated and every move they make will be supervised for the next few months. None of you would like to be watched constanly and scrutinized for everything you do so give this family a little bit of a break. Accidents happen. And the racial comments are completly uncalled for. It’s 2014 people. Grow up and set an example for future generations. Racisim should be a thing of the past.

    • ASHinSTL

      Danielle you’re expecting an awful lot from the racist, bigoted, superstitious lot on this forum. You make very valid points but you’ll likely never convince anyone on here of anything. In order to do that they would have to concede that their position maybe in error… that just perhaps the hatred is unnecessary and that is beyond the scope of reason for those who refuse to be reasonable or reasoned with.

      • ASHinSTL

        Him not crying speaks to what exactly? He doesn’t care what just happened? He is in shock at what just happened? How does one determine what it means? If someone isn’t crying when you think they should they are automatically guilty of whatever the stand accused of? If not you then who is the judge of when someone should or should not be crying if that is an indicator of anything that should be used to determine guilt or even an awareness of guilt?

        What exactly is your point??

        Yes gun locks are free. Sadly this gun didn’t have one… again, what is your point? Should it be criminal to have a gun without a lock? Even for white people?

      • ASHinSTL

        Nice try Mark. Tho, you’d do well to brush up on your reading comprehension and or vocabulary skills.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Dad’s getting stoned, mom’s passed out, nobody’s watching the kids or at work. Mean while a loaded shotgun is in access of a 3 and 4 year old and one gets shot. Family court judge will go to town on these losers and should. Playing the race card here is as pathetic as calling these selfish, dopehead, non working losers parents.

      • ASHinSTL

        You don’t live there or know any of these people… you have no idea if anyone works or not… for all you know the mother could have been sleeping after just getting home from 12 hrs of work. You have no clue… about this or how to act. I’m surprised you can even turn a computer on to prance your ignorance all over the internet.

    • Idiot Detection Squad

      “Accidents happen”? That’s your lame excuse for lame parents who are smoking pot and leaving their toddlers running around unsupervised with loaded shotguns in the house? Seriously? And if instead of a minor wound to the arm the shotgun would have blasted off the skull of the child, that’s what your excuse would be–“accidents happen”???

      • ASHinSTL

        Aw, how cute. Little Stevie Sweeney got fed his dick during the time this was on the front page of the site so Stevie tries to come in and save face by posting his drivel in hopes that no one will counter his wholly dishonest and racist position.

  • middleman

    It is reality, folks. A shotgun could have blown that baby’s head clean off. It’s time for gratitude that that did not happen.

  • franca ancell

    What does that have to do with living in North County?! Idiotic comment. Parents need to be responsible for their kids, no matter where you live.

      • ByeByeToTheRite

        This is the REAL ByeBye here – you’re correct, he is NOT a typical NRA member. He’s irresponsible and black. The typical NRA member is irresponsible and white.

        BIG difference!

        Can you spot the small letter instead of a cap in the name, to tell the difference? Or, if you’re a right-winger, maybe that’s way over your head.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Hey, phony ByeBye, yer right again actually! It IS typical of an NRA member – except he’s black and we all know the NRA don’t allow “those kind” as members. If he were white, then the NRA would be defending him as it’s his “god-given right” to have loaded shotguns around kids, and if he were a redneck living in the rural areas, it’d even be okay! Probably wouldn’t make the news. This happens probably every day in the sticks! Matter of fact, is that what happened to you – early brain injury by a gun in the glove box of the rusted pickup you were born in?

      • Printit

        ByeBye just how do you come up with your stereotype NRA member? Isn’t that racist and discriminatory? The NRA has black members, lots of black members. People are not screened to join the NRA. If black people don’t want to join then the NRA cannot force them to.
        The NRA does not promote violence nor defend someone who using a firearm in an irresponsible way. Your comments about this irresponsible human being….who was stoned……in defense of him because he his black???? He’s black and therefore he will be charged and a white man wouldn’t??? Man, get off the internet. You’re a special kind of stupid if you believe that. Do blacks get stereotyped? Oh hell yes. Did this man get arrested first because he is black and then because there was a horrible accident or was there a horrible accident and he’s black?
        The “Rite” believes in people working for living. The left believes in giving people stuff so they’ll vote for them. That left has really helped the poor, hasn’t it? Or they any better off with the left? No. No jobs, don’t need them. Get off the “Rite” as believing in anything you find objectionable and not for the common good. When you can prove that the left is moving this country forward….

  • Jeffrey Brown

    Stupid comes in all colors……….PERIOD

    If you load a weapon and leave a round in the chamber, then leave it so the children in your charge, can have access to that weapon…..
    THEN ,,,,,,,,,, Your STUPID …. Tah Da!!



  • ByeByeToTheRite

    This is being dangerously irresponsible. But gee, something tells me the reason he’s being charged is because he’s black, and worse than that, he was smoking pot! He violated the moral teachin’s of the bible, and that makes him VERY BAD.

    Now, if the same thing had happened to a rural family in Hillsboro, but the guy was distracted watching Duck Dynasty and drooling over the weaponry on that episode, it’d be okay! “Just a normal part of growin’ up, boy” the sheriff would say.

    Yes, it would be stupid either way, but why is it only a crime to be stupid in the city, while it’s the norm in the rural areas?

    • Scooter

      We all wish you a lifetime of blessings – the “real” ByeBye…. You are a sick and deranged individual and you seriously need some help! Maybe you could check and see if the love of life – Obama – could arrange that for you and have the taxpayers pay for it!

  • eyes open

    He’s been thru the court system before according to public records. He’s previously established he’s not the most responsible guy.

  • metatronking

    now what is the point of this story?
    1) we should not legalize pot because kids will shpot each other?
    2) if he was not smoking pot he would have been out shooting people?
    3) we should legalize pot so then he could watch the kids AND smoke pot? OI VAY

  • Jackie

    This doesn’t have anything to do with race.If you’re going to have weapons of any kind in your house AND you have little ones running around, LOCK IT UP! Plain and simple. Then to add insult to injury, he’s smoking a joint, NOT watching the kids. If the mother knew that gun was in the house, shame on her too. Irresponsible to the fullest.

  • sandi

    This shows exactly why guns should be kept locked up and children not knowing where they are, and the ammo separate. If mother was taking a nap, then maybe someone else should have been watching the little ones. Dad seems to feel his marijuana if more important than the kids are. That, in itself, shows what that stuff does to the brain!

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