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Former Blues Player Tony Twist gives take on Backes hit

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- For an insider`s perspective on the hit heard around the NHL, how about something with a twist?

We asked Tony Twist for his opinion of the bad behavior and taunting t-shirts being sold.

"What do I think?" asks former St. Louis Blues Left Winger Tony Twist.  "Well if that's what they want to do then great I'm happy for you.  But it has no consequence or bearing in that locker room whatsoever.  Absolutely zero."

Former St. Louis Blues bruiser Tony Twist was watching when Brent Seabrook delivered a crushing blow to blues captain David Backes.

"What I did see was a guy that had another player in his sights in a vulnerable position and he took full advantage of that," says Twist.  "Instead of following through the hit chest to chest, when he hit he rolled and his head went the other way.  And I've played the game.  That to me is the gangster way of playing it off like it's just a casual hit.  He knew exactly what he was doing."

Now what he's doing is sitting out the next three games after an NHL suspension for charging and interference.

Twist doesn't expect to see retaliation on Seabrook in the windy city, but knows from experience what the Blackhawks should expect.

"You got to have accountability within your own bench and you have to make the other bench accountable also," says Twist.  "How do you do that?  That's from within the confines of each dressing room with the understanding that, hey, you go take out David Backes, the next guy on our schedule isn't going to be Seabrook.  It's going to be Taze.   So if you want to keep your best guy, don't go after ours."

Twist, who's known to have had some knock down drag out fights in his career expects a hard played series and won't underestimate the blues response in game three.

"You can't be an armchair quarterback," says Twist.  "You're not in a position.  You can certainly make comments.  But unless you're in first and third and you've got one yard to run with 30 seconds on the clock and you haven't been there?  All you can do is report about it."

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