Illinois t-shirt company selling, “Wakey Wakey Backes” Shirts

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wakey wakey(KTVI) – When St. Louis Blues team captain David Backes went down on the ice in Saturday, it was scary for Blues fans.  But when a possible Blackhawks player started to taunt him saying, ‘Wakey Wakey, Backes” while the all-star was clearly incapacitated, Blues fans were livid.

But now, there’s even more outrage to be had.  A t-shirt company in Illinois is selling shirts that says, “Wakey Wakey, Backes.”   The shirt was found on the website Trending

David Backes took a vicious hit in Game 2 Saturday night.

In video from the game posted to YouTube, Bleacher says you can hear a Blackhawks player saying, “Wakey Wakey Backes.”

St. Louis fans are sounding off on social media about the classless display of disrespect. By Monday afternoon, “Wakey Wakey Backes” was trending on Twitter.

Brent Seabrook was given a three-game suspension by the NHL.



  • Jeffrey Brown

    This is hardly worth the effort to get upset about, it’s a violent sport and guys get Boo-Boos all the time (almost all are missing teeth) and
    I have seen tacky, disrespectful acts in my life, this does’nt rate in the top 10.

    So he pointed and said “got your nose” , get over it.

    And in this free enterprise Democracy….. He can sell as many t-shirts as he wishes.

  • Kathy

    Totally in appropriate a severe concussion can end a player’s career. Come on Blues get out there
    and sweep the Blackhawks in their own home town. Show them how to win on skill not by intentially injuring players.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Celebrating a cheap shot is don’t see it because you’re clueless.Remember you thinking the blind lady getting hit and ran had the driver park next to her? get a clue!

  • CBC

    For all you idiots calling St. Louis Fans sissys you need to grow a pair and not hide behind a post. We care about our players injuries becuase we respect our teams and who they play. Thats what makes the Cards and Blues great, no matter the score we still support our teams and dont cheer on cheapshots that hurt any athlete. The blackhawks are a good team but they are playing extra dirty. Obviously this is a physical sport but the hawks just need to play a fair game so us fans can watch a good solid game no matter who wins. This is great representation of last years cup winners…… on that note LETS GO BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scott

      That is what makes the Blues great? That your fans support them “no matter what” I guess that’s why the Blues were 18th in attendance this year. It’s certainly not Stanley Cups that makes them great. Let’s go Hawks!

    • Scott

      Any trailer park hillbilly that wants to keep bringing up the Cardinals World Series titles, don’t stop there. Fact is Chicago has more overall championships than any city besides New York and Boston. Chicago is third overall with 27 major sports titles. St. Louis has 12. So just remember you’re not in the big boy league by bringing this up. You’re down there with Green Bay and Milwaukee. So just because your hockey team has no championships, do not bring other sports into it. You don’t want to go there just because only one of your other teams has done anything.

      • Seth

        Not sure where you are getting 27 lol bears bulls cubs and white sox add up to 17 genius and rams have a championship so that’s 13 for STL. So 4 more championships with 2 extra teams and just about every team being around longer than STL teams? Yeah i wouldn’t be jumping for joy over that nice try tho good to know all chicago fans are classless and not just blackcocks fans

      • Scott

        Bears 9, Cubs 2, Hawks 5, Bulls 6, White Sox 3. When I googled it listed 27, including the football Cardinals. So not counting that it’s still 25. Point is, only one team in your town is worth a cr*p. Chicago has multiple championships from all teams. So before you bring up World Series, remember it’s 25-13 total championships. You don’t want to go there. You do want to go back to your trailer park, however.

  • Michael

    Anyone who doesn’t see this is as a problem, just wait until someone you care about gets hurt or injured, lying unconscious on the ground, and it then you see people laughing about it (or in this case profiteering from it), and see how you like it. Yes hockey is a rough sport, but there is a level of decency people should have when someone gets hurt. A lot of us in St. Louis, may not know Backes personally, but the man has friends and family, and this kind of thing is hurtful and disrespectful to them. Rejoicing over something like this is disgusting and classless.

    • Scott

      Wakey Wakey Backes. He actually wasn’t lying on the ground. He jumped back up and wanted to fight. That is how dumb he is.

  • Nick

    The company selling this shirt is based out of EAST ST LOUIS. Good job exploiting the injury of your own player and pinning it on someone else.

  • EBry

    That’s cute Duncan, tough as nails behind a ref while a player is completely out of it…does it get anymore Chicago than that!

    • Scott

      Yeah that’s so “Chicago” of him. We hide behind refs all the time. Don’t characterize a whole city by that unless you want us bringing up trailer parks and lack of teeth.

  • Jerry

    Thank you blues fans for helping sell these tees. They probably wouldn’t have sold so many had you not made it so infamous.

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