MO Gov. Nixon: S.B. 509 will shut down basic services

042314 NIXON SB 509 REAX

(KTVI) – Some lawmakers say Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is being overly dramatic about an income tax cut passed by the legislature.

Nixon’s office says a provision in the bill could eliminate taxes on all income over $9,000. The governor says that would cost the state $4.8-billion a year.

“Senate Bill 509 would force the outright elimination of the most basic services Missourians count on from their government,” he explained. “Teachers would be laid off, schools would shut their doors, prisons would close, mental health facilities would be shuttered and the AAA credit rating we’ve boasted for decades would be downgraded.”

Republicans said the bill would adjust tax brackets so people would still owe some taxes. They are vowing to try to override Nixon’s likely veto.

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