Mom bites off dog’s ear to save 2-year-old daughter during attack

ALVIN, TX – A two-year-old can make the case that her mom is a real superhero. Chelsi Camp took on a pit bull to save her daughter, and won.

It was the end of March and Chelsi was dog-sitting a friend’s Pit Bull who was friendly until he met her daughter Mackenzi.

“The dog came up and he was just curious and when he smelled her that’s when you saw it flip because I think he smelled my dog on her.” said mother Chelsi Camp.

The dog attacked the little girl, so Chelsi was forced to fight. Shoving her fist into the dog’s mouth and even biting off its ear. All while telling her daughter to turn over so she didn’t choke on blood.

“I only know to fight so how else do you get somebody to stop I mean I would do the same thing with a human being.” said Chelsi Camp.

Chelsi has bite marks up her arms. It took a while but she now has full use of them again.

“I can actually hold her again. I couldn’t hold her for the first week that was the hardest part” said Chelsi Camp.

So mom’s back to work, and with a little extra protection from the sun, Mackenzi is back to playing and having fun. Mackenzi has to stay out of direct sunlight for a year. She gets her sutures out this week.

The dog was later euthanized.


  • Bri Gilge

    You will never be stronger in your life…. i flipped a pit off my daughter when it attacked her ….her face was was cut up bad but never would i be able to flip a pit at any other time…. dont get me wrong i hav a pit that is a big baby and acts like a nanny but i blam ethe owners not the breed

    • Luis

      Why should anyone be held criminally for something like this… I seriously doubt that the owners of the dog trained their pit bull to attack a baby. Sometimes things just happen unexpectedly. That’s just an evil way to think.

  • lchrist

    I love how the news always emphasizes the word Pit Bull but yet there are a lot of other attacks but if its by a Pit Bull the world has got to know.

    • Jay

      Good point. We don’t even know if this was a pitbull. Where is the picture? The picture that was attached was a random picture of the meanest looking pitbull the frenzied media could find.

  • native

    Way to react to a scary and gut wrenching situation!!
    I own a pit breed and had to recently go thru something similar with a dog on dog attack. Luckily my guy wasnt hurt too bad, but i couldnt imagine what the mother was thinking during such a horrific moment as this.

    While i love my dog to death and feel be has a mild temperment with people, you can never be too sure with any breed of dogs. Any dog has the mind set to be protective and react accordingly.

  • Aleshia

    Who cares what breed of dog it was so y is everyone talking bout pitbull this or that. This mother did what any mother should do and that is protect her baby from danger. I’m sure she would do it no matter what breed of dog it was! She is a true hero!!! God bless her and prayers for her daughter.

  • Connie

    Pitbulls has locked jaws, and I feel sorry for people who have pitbulls and children together. Of course, any kind of breed dogs shouldn’t be around friends’ children too.

    • Chad

      The ‘Pit Bull’ breeds do not have lock jaws. The fear the media gives out makes everyone think false things of the breeds that are within the spectrum.
      If everyone read a little bit on the behavior science of dogs, you would understand there are many stipulations of the dog attacking 70% of it being the person handling the dog, 30% pertaining to the dog.
      My sympathy goes to the family, and it’s sad to hear about the dog as well.

  • Connie

    G’Job Mother, and she’s a hero for her daughter! Hope her daughter has a beautiful face when she gets older. Why don’t you sue your friend for medical bills? Send Prayers!

  • dave

    First off I’m happy the child is ok and was not seriously hurt now with that said I have an american pit bull terrier and children and they are perfectly fine together, any breed can attack unexpectedly. When the breed first came to be they were used like baby sitters for children, so for everybody thats says check your facts,practice what you preach.

  • Brenda

    Every parent of a small child needs to be very careful with their child around any dog. The sheer size of the child is intimidating to a dog. They should never be left alone with a large dog. Period.

  • Rachel

    Poor dog was euthanized?? Really!?
    Poor baby girl was nearly killed.
    And really-could have been any large breed dog-when is the last time you heard of a Labrador retriever attacking anyone??
    It’s a dog stereotype for a reason.
    My 2 year old does anything she wants to our lab and he lets her do it.
    And the girl has a hat on in the sun… However some of the posters on here are plain and simple a$$-hats.

    • Gillian A Murphy

      When we had our pit bull he was never like that. Biggest baby you had ever seen. Our son was maybe 7 months old & wold crawl over & lay on the dog while he was sleeping he would lift his head & see it was our son & go right back to sleep. It shouldn’t matter what breed the dog was but they want to go on & on about it so I am sure they will start talking about banning pit bulls in areas they haven’t already, but it was not the dogs fault. You don’t know the whole story of what happened. We also don’t know the training of the dog either. There are too many factors to think about before jumping to blaming the dog. It has nothing to do with the breed of the animal it’s the training & treatment the dog receives that builds their personality.

  • Sherry Weible

    I have grandsons ages 2 & 5. Our family has a Lab mix 12 years old a Cairn 7 years old a “Pit Bull” mix 4 years old and the boys have a Golden 1 year old. All if our dogs are great with the kids however I would never intentionally leave ANY of the dogs alone with the kids…not that this Mom did this any dog could bite a child in a split second and we do let the kids play with the dogs supervised. You just have to keep an eye on them at all times. Thank God this Mom was close enough to step in and save her baby. Good luck to all..

  • Mind Blown

    Thank goodness the little girl is okay.

    But we don’t know EVERYTHING.

    I am a proud owner if 2 “pit bulls” and I am WELL AWARE and educated on the breed. If you are uneducated.. You are just plain ignorant and should shut up. “Lock jaw”? “Stereotype for a reason”? Wow. You are clearly seriously ignorant.. You are probably a racist too with that attitude.. My dogs are extremely friendly with different types of people and dogs.. Because we trained them. Socializing and being a responsible pet owner. The only ones to blame are the people, not the breed. I knew as soon as I read this article if it was a “pit bull”, they would make sure to mention it.. And to the person that commented, “you never see a lab attack”, thats because the MEDIA refers to other dog attacks by different breeds, simply as a “dog attack” and they will never disclose the breed throughout the whole article. These are FACTS. Do the research.

    • Tish

      I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. The media is very skewed and I have met some absolutely wonderful pits. But I have also done the breed specific research, I was extremely hard pressed to find information on a Labrador attacking anyone (especially a child). I did the research myself because our family wants to get a dog. Labs are considered one of the most family friendly breeds out there. And I didn’t just rely on the media.i talked to pet owners, visited forums, talked to groups of people who had friends or relatives attacked by canines. Not a single one said anything about a Lab.

  • Pier

    Millions around the world are potential unware victims of these living genetic experiments, who knows ? given that are millions the owners of these sort of dogs you have the answer.

  • dontmesswitme

    Why are people more concerned about the dog than the baby and then they make an excuse for it attacking the baby. People love dogs more than their own children good job mom for rescuing your daughter from that dangerous dog no excuses too much of this going on Dogs that attack babies should be put to to sleep, wouldn’t be holding up for it if it attacked your babies now would you. As for the owners if you want to train your dogs to attack people you dont need a dog, and I personally think a dog should be on a leash fenced up not roaming around like its human, your science bs dont stop a dog from attacking people, man its a shame to be an educated idiot!

  • evilroy

    Since 1979 there have been 238 fatal dog attacks in the US. 105 of them were pit bulls. This is according to a study sponsored and recognized by both the Centers for Disease Control and the American Humane Society. Do you honestly mean to tell me that if there had been a total of 238 fatalities involving pedestrians hit by cars and 105 were Chevy Malibus, you’d be saying the car is sound, must be the drivers? Grow up. Potbulls should be subject to the same laws that govern the ownership of any dangerous animal. Give me one reason why you should be able to own a pit bull but I can’t own an ocelot, or a bear, or an alligator.

    • Brian Adamson

      The animals you mention are all wild animals. Pit bull type dogs are domesticated animals. The study you mention was compiled from media reports which are not reliable. There is a note in the study itself that states this report is not reliable. people breed them, raise them, train them, and care for them. How well all of these things are done is not in the dog’s control. They are a product of the ones who own them and that is why the owners are responsible for their dog’s actions. The dog’s are victims too

  • SoSad

    Mother shouldhave never brought such a vicious aminal into her home to petsit if she didnt truley know the animal. So sad for that poor little girl.

  • middleman

    I saw a show on the Discovery Channel that said pit bulls were bred to be cow dogs, specifically bulls. I saw them working with these bovines, and they were magnificent. Of course, some breeders do breed in traits that fit their own purposes

  • lenin

    good for you mom and good thing for the little girl for having you around. unfortunate for the dog. i had raised pit bulls before and they are sweet dogs. its just some ignorant people who raise their dogs to be vicious.

  • middleman

    This is a beautiful baby. Being so young, she has a very good chance of healing up to very little scarring. Face scars have a way of moving into the hairline over time. There is, however, a good chance that she will have future emotional scars, like terrible fear of dogs. Hope not. Just keep her out of the sun like the doctor said. God bless the little victim.

  • blossom

    Its really annoying to see people blaming the owners or the dog, ive owned every type of big dog there is and all of them at some point have been branded as the “dangerous dog” when all dogs can become vicious from natural instintcs. German shepards, rot willers, and dober mans at one point were also called vicious dogs that shouldnt be anything other than a gaurd dog at most because of the extent of damage they can inflict, right now its the pit bulls turn. I read a story ladt month about a great dane attack on a glden retriever at a dog park for basically no reason either but the dog was apodted and known to be aggressive with some dogs.

    The problem most likely was that when it smelled the other dog is when those instintcs kicked in. Its normally male dogs that are the bigger issue because its a terriortial issue especially if they are not properly socialized with other dogs or people. Its been known to happen with dominate females as well. All dogs have them and sometimes things just happen.

    Is it right no, but its nature for all we know is that this dog could have been a big sweetheart and has never done anything even violent beforehand, and sometimes it is from a bad owner, do we know all the circumstances no so its pretty much an unknown factor for the incident. And it is fox.

    Not all dogs are the same however since ive had each of these breeds since I was born and never had a problem with any of them, I was however attacked by a stray dog when I was 10 and it was a mutt. I personally find that the smaller dogs tend to be more aggressive, but thats my oppinion.

    I am however proud of this mommy for protecting her baby from this attack, this was dangerous for both of them and she made a great call on making sure the best outcome was her childs survival. She is a super hero.

  • cb

    I would like people to know that a dog’s power is not only in his mouth but his back legs too. if you grab the back legs of the dog and lift him on to his tippy toes the attack or fight is over. they can’t do anything without their back legs. if they are locked on this is the best time to get them to release whatever they are holding on. being on just their front toes seems to break the focus of attack and the dog becomes a lot more manageable. .. this works, I promise, it’s less violent and very affective. works wonders with two dogs fighting too. just make sure you grab the strongest one first..don’t release until the dog is calm and under control.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Who cares about the breed? aren’t you more worried about the child? Dog should have been executed.As far as the pit bull defenders, get your priorities straight!

  • Brandon

    Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, including mixes of those breeds are all pit bulls by definition.

  • Brandon

    Very true. But pit bull breeds were bred for their strength and ferocity. So when one does attack it’s generally more catastrophic.

  • Ge

    Very true, a chihuahua could have very well done the same thing, but the results would have been very different. This little girl was extremely lucky, many others aren’t.

  • Karen Batchelor

    The breeds you name are Bull Terriers by definition. The only dog entitled to be called a Pit Bull is the American Pit Bull Terrier.

    The term ‘pit bull’ is a definition coined to include as many bull breeds as possible for the purposes of the bad law that is breed specific or breed discriminatory legislation, the intention of which is to kill as many dogs as possible.

  • stacy

    very unfortunate for the child and im very sorry to here this and glad she is doing well. but do also remember that this was one dog it isnt the hole breed and alot of the times it is the owners fault..any breed can turn its not just one! and also high five mom you are a hero

  • Marilyn Dollinger

    You can blame the breed all you want but it doesn’t change the facts. ANY dog can, and sometimes does, bite. Right now pit bulls are over bred and that means a whole lot of people breeding that don’t understand the first thing about breeding a sound dog. Then you have lazy owners who don’t properly train. ALL of this is the fault of people, not the dog. Let’s learn to lay the blame where it honestly belongs.

  • Marilyn Dollinger

    P.S. Just for the record, pit bulls were bred to be ANIMAL aggressive and SPECIFICALLY BRED TO NOT BE AGGRESSIVE TO HUMANS. The reason for that is owners need to handle a fighting dog in the ring and any who showed the slightest bit of aggression to humans were killed. Hence pit bulls are, if anything, more likely under normal circumstances to not harm a person.

  • Natalie

    I agree with Casey just be thankful to God that the child was O.K
    it could have been a dog, or any other kind of an animal, even a human being that did an attack but thanks be to Jesus the emphasis is that the child and her mother are O.K.

  • OccamsToothbrush

    A 2-year-old was mauled and possibly disfigured for life but your sympathies are with the animal who did it? Sick.

  • Jim Hanson

    The mother probably didn’t know. People keep talking about how gentle Pit Bulls are, yet people keep getting attacked by them. Perhaps the media is right about Pits. Or is there an elaborate media coverup of all the other breeds that attack? Perhaps German Sheppard are attacking children and the media is burying these stories.

  • Luis

    Why should anyone be held criminally for something like this… I seriously doubt that the owners of the dog trained their pit bull to attack a baby. Sometimes things just happen unexpectedly. That’s just an evil way to think.

  • Kall

    I’d be safe to say that the media 1 tends to blow most Pit Bull attacks out of proprtion and 2 cover other breed attacks such as doberman and German Shepard. I have been a breeder of champion bloodline Pits and never had one show aggression unless it was warranted and she was traind like a police protection dog. I also watched a German Shepard tear my brother to shreds and the police did nothing while this dog was allowed to terrorize the nieghborhood for weeks until animal control was finally attacked. So yes the media does bury the truth so Law enforcement does not take any scrutiny

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