Raid in Hillsdale tied to reported police corruption

HILLSDALE, MO (KTVI) – Hillsdale police were kept away from a raid in its own jurisdiction because of concerns about possible police corruption.

Just after 8 pm, Friday night, St. Louis County Tactical and Pinelawn Police surrounded two homes on Bailey.  Police raided the same homes seven months ago.  In October, Pinelawn Police reported recovering cocaine and illegal guns.  A bigger concern arose when a suspect in the home reportedly admitted hearing a Hillsdale officer warn other suspects about the October raid.  The person described someone else in the home talking to the Hillsdale officer on speakerphone when the officer said, ‘Get out. Leave! Leave!’  Pinelawn police reported later finding drugs hidden in an air vent and overflow pipe.  They also reported finding a gun under a mattress, with a defaced serial number and a gun in an air vent that was reported stolen.

The FBI later arrested two Hillsdale Officers,  Lt. Parish Swanson and Officer Raymond Stephens, accusing them of a drug conspiracy.
Now, fast forward seven months to today.  Pinelawn Detective Corporal Lawrence Fleming said Police believe illegal activity at the Bailey homes continued.  After a loud flash bang, they arrested at least six suspects and recovered more guns and drugs.  One officer said that a strong smell of PCP was slowing down the search.

The Hillsdale Police Department was not notified of this second raid.  We watched as a Hillsdale officer drove up to the scene and was turned away by a Pinelawn officer.

Hillsdale is the same Department where Sgt Christopher Cornell pleaded guilty to Federal Drug charge in 2007.

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