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Cornealious Anderson is now a free man

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CHARLESTON, Mo. (AP) _ Relatives cry out with relief after a judge frees a St. Louis-area man who was convicted of robbery 14 years ago but was never sent to prison until a clerical mistake was discovered last year.

As the judge announced his decision to immediately free Cornealious Anderson, about 10 relatives broke out in sobs. Anderson dabbed tears from his eyes.

Anderson was 23 when he was sentenced to 13 years in prison for robbery. He said he waited, and even asked about going to prison, but the order never came.

In that time, the judge said Anderson had been a good father, husband and taxpaying citizen.

But last year, someone at the Missouri Department of Corrections realized the error _ prompting a massive arrest effort at Anderson's home last July.

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    • JC

      the man he robbed had already stepped forward and said that he felt that he should be released, he said that he felt he had made changes himself

  • MichaelC

    I am glad this man can go back to work as the hard working tax paying citizen he proved he can be.

  • DN

    Well common sense does prevail in our legal system once in a while. I do think some community service is probably a good idea. The victim does deserve some justice too, but it’s good to see someone who was headed in the wrong direction turn his life around. God’s blessings on your family, Mr. Anderson!!

  • Curtis

    If any one of you fallowed the case you would know that the guy who he
    Robed even said he should be let go plane and simple MISSOURI screwed up

  • Mike Stone

    Good on you Mr Anderson. Every once in a blue moon we actually see some justice come out of our so called “justice system”. For once, they got it right. As to those calling for restitution to the victims? Would he have done that had he gone to prison? No.

    I’d suggest that people spend their trying to find ways to solve the crime problem in this country rather than trying to dish out punishments to someone who’s already straightened out his own.

  • Marquita C.

    You will never completely understand until you are in there shoes. I dont approve of any crime. But i do look at things from both sides. He couldve continued to be a thug,criminal etc. But he didnt he turned around at his own will. When GOD spoke he listened. He couldve Ran away but he didnt. We all make mistakes and im sure that he regrets that he ever robbed anyone. I take it as a lesson learn but more so a blessing and favor from Fod. Favor aint always fair but our GOD has the final say so and he has spoken!!!! So happy for him and his family and even for the victim who believes in forgiveness. H e too will be blessed.

  • Callie

    Actually in previous articles it said he had been doing community service type things. He is the coach if a little league team and had worked with another group as well.

  • Tom

    There you go that is the way of the US these days. No one is held accountable for their actions. Avoid the rules long enough and be free, sends a great message. Sneak into the country stay long enough without getting caught get no punishment just to be a citizen for violating the law

    • TM

      He tried to be held accountable. He waited for the papers and even contacted authorities when they didn’t come. The system failed. He didn’t try to run or hide from the system, they just never came for him. He stayed in the area, got married, paid taxes, started a business all using his name and social security number. What else do you think he should have done. Even the man he robbed said the only fair thing to do was release him.

      • tiffeny

        thank you, finally someone with some common sense. there was nothing more he could have done.

  • Mark Williams

    Perhaps this one incident should be an example of why every first time criminal should go free on probation and only punish repeat offenders.

  • tom

    so I quess if you stay on the run long enough in mo you can get out of felony robbery charges .really .i think he should of got the 13 years an some for running

    • mark

      Allow me to translate for you here, Tom… “[he should get some extra time for running]” = he’s black… how is that not a crime?? You’re too Fu@king stupid to even know what the facts of the case are.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    If he was white he would still be in jail there’s different laws for white people it’s a unfair justice system.

  • calmack101

    Wait is he saying that White Men are treated unfairly in the United States criminal justice system and Black men get preferential treatment? LOL…. he can’t be serious.. He’s joking right???



  • K McLeod

    Seems to me that the school of hard knocks better served him than prison time does many others. Maybe some time speaking to juveniles about the right way to turn around bad choices. Just my opinion.

  • Scallywagandvagabond (@ScallywagNYC)

    The case forces a dialogue as to what we mean by crime and punishment and exhibits instances where punishment is not necessary to exact rehabilitation, especially as in this case, the perpetrator’s income continued to increase whilst on the outside which draws parallels that crime and punishment is so often about punishing those on the lower economic totem poles who feel that they are forced to pursue crime to stay sound. Is it any wonder then that going to prison only fosters recidivism and the endless catch 22 of crime being perpetrated by the poor? What do we then really mean by rehabilitation and is prison really achieving that or is that just an illusion of what going to jail is about ?


  • j

    That’s b/s…lots of ppl in prison have changed they’re life for the better but they still have to serve their sentence

  • Brian

    This man is my best friend an to you people who are calling him a thug you are so far from right it’s almost funny. That man made a mistake like many people have but he has changed his life around an if you knew him like I do you’d consider him dear friend an all around good person.

    • j

      They are using the word thug because the algorithm kicks it out when he tries to put in the word he is using thug to replace. Spend your time with your newly freed friend… not on bigoted pieces of shit like Sweeney here trying to be coy by using a handle other than his own.

  • Janece

    I find a lot of these comments to be very unnecessary. He did not hide, He had a business, he filed and paid taxes and went on with a normal life, so infail to see how that is hiding ? I agree with the Judges decision, I think he deserves to be free as he has been an upstanding citizen .. And someone said that he had used a gun in the robbery, I thought it was a play gun but I couldnbe wrong . However people need to stop hating in him!!

  • AKingschild

    Amen…..Favor ain’t fair but it sure is fabulous. No weapon formed aganist God’s people shall prosper!!!

    • mark

      Praise be to Allah, Zeus, Egungun-oya,Taranis, Ixchel, Ixchup and Thrudgelmir!

      Oh, did you mean some other god? Silly me. You likely didn’t mean the made up gods I listed… you probably meant the real god. The one you accept for the very same reasons you deny all the others that have been posited over time… none.

      Try acting like a grown person!?

  • AKingschild


  • no judgement

    Is it his fault someone doesn’t know how to do paper work correctly? I say leave this man and his family alone. He is working & has done many positive things with his life. Let ye without sin cast the first stone.

  • "Opinionated"

    “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”
    (Albert Einstein)

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