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City council to decide fate of 100-year-old Webster Groves home

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KTVI) – In Webster Groves the city council may decide the fate of a century old home, that could be demolished to make way for two new homes.

Outside the Webster Groves city hall a lot of people concerned about the fate of the house are showing up for Tuesday night`s council meeting. What they are hoping to do is to stop a local developer from tearing down a house built in 1908.

The city council meeting is slated to start at 6:45 pm.


  • EdgarPoe

    We destroy way to many of our old homes and buildings in the St. Louis area. This one should remain. Truly hope some one purchases it and rehabs it.

  • Ed Golterman

    We ‘preserve’ fruit in jars and cans, we do not preserve history. Preserving is not the goal. Preservationists don’t understand ‘preservation’. 1.) years too late. 2.) they have not come up with a buyer-restorer. 3.) They have not come up with a use-plan. The self- destruction of St. Louis and now the County is moving along at a brisk clip. And Jefferson City is about to sacrifice the historic tax credits to the powerful and greedy sports and science powers.

  • chejkalcfh

    You know I was driving around kirkwood and webster today, noting the rather large number of houses being built in the area ( I was photographing flowers ) I thought what a great area, new houses going up, now I wonder if these are just old historic houses being being replaced by ‘new (usually shorter lived by the by)houses’

  • Cassie Wood

    This was my Grandpa’s house. Herb, he passed 6 years ago. I didn’t know about his wife, my grandmas passing, until this was on the news yesterday. It’s a shame our side wasn’t notified of the passing and the selling of the property, we may have been able to keep it from being in the position it is in now. My grandpa built the cabinets in the kitchen with his own hands. There is(was?) a huge pear tree in the backyard. My grandfather’s ashes where in the house…my dad is crushed to not have known of the passing of hands and the fate that might await this home. A very sad thing all around.

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