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Graphic: Family cat saves child from stray dog attack

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cat attacks dog
(KTVI) – Update:  The dog involved in the attack on a little boy in California was turned over to authorities and will be euthanized.

A vicious attack by a stray dog was thwarted by an unlikely hero — a cat.

The video was posted to YouTube on Wednesday. The user Roger Triantafilo caught the incident on surveillance cameras.

The video shows Triantafilo’s son in the driveway on a bike when a stray dog grabs the small child by the leg and pulls him off the bike.

But then out of no where, the family’s cat lunges at the dog and chased him away from the child.

The video shows the child’s injury and the stitches he got from the bite, but Triantafilo writes, “Thankfully, my son is fine!”

Triantafilo says his cat saved his son’s life.



  • Jean

    Staged. Who has three “surveillance” cameras in front of their house conveniently aimed toward the driveway and just over a fence toward the street? You can tell there are three cameras if you watch closely as the camera angles change and the clock time on each frame rolls back. And the camera that just happens to be a close-up of the right side of the car? Really? As for the “wound”, special effects make-up is wonderful these days. Further, what emergency room is going to let someone in with a camera to take pictures of them attending to a patient? Think about it.

  • Roger Paul

    Wow….usually a cat won’t “protect” like that….ehat a good cat….she’d be getting all the “treats” she wanted in my house…

  • Pam

    I watched 2 different videos and guess what…..the child was attacked on the passenger side and the drivers side of the SUV??? Explain that one

  • Johny Sad Bike

    As an aside, that bike is waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too small for that kid.

    There should be bite marks on both sides of the leg, particularly based on those wounds. I see nothing in the video that would indicate a bite, but the video is far away and not very good. The two large teeth on a dog are on either side and the wound shown is sort of what I would expect having just taken a careful look at my dog’s teeth. I *would* expect, if you were saying that you might have to go after someone legally, that the doctors *might* let you take a picture.

    One thing I do take issue with is them letting the cat outside. Outdoor cats are destroying our wild animal populations (birds, rabbits, etc) and really shouldn’t be allowed.

    Is this ‘real’? It looks like the dog grabbed the kid more front-to-back, but the bite wound is clearly side-to-side (and *only* side-to-side… and they only show it on one side), but I’ve read that there are police reports, etc, and that the dog is to be (or has been by now) put down.

  • Joe

    Since most comments on this are made by people who have the attention span of a gnat, she left her son to intercept the dog who was returning again. The mother was also bit. So, every one of you who claims she is a bad mother, and that you would have done differently, it is YOU who should check your parenting skills. This mother bravely faced the dog down. Had she grabbed the child first, the dog would have gotten them both from behind. In a dog attack, the worst thing you can do is to run from the animal, or turn your back on it. She did exactly the right thing. It is you dummies who are judging her, who would have done the WRONG thing.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Wow, that cat meant business! Great job defending the family, Mr. Cat! Don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat do that – I’ve seen dogs do it many times before!

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