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New ordinance tested by Monsanto protesters

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CREVE COEUR, MO (KTVI) – A newly passed city ordinance in Creve Coeur was put to the test Saturday when protestors marched outside the Monsanto headquarters building in Creve Coeur.  The new ordinance prohibits protestors from standing in the median of a street.

Some protestors felt the ordinance went too far but police said it’s all about safety.  Police reported no problems Saturday.

“We’ve had a real good cooperation with the protest organizers,” said Lt. Jon Romas, Creve Coeur Police Department.

Protestors held demonstrations Saturday around the world regarding genetically modified foods.  Protestors want labels on food that’s been genetically modified.  Vermont recently passed a labeling law regarding GMO’s.

Monsanto released the following statement regarding Saturday’s protestors:

The 5,000 Monsanto employees who call St. Louis home are proud to be part of our community.  We’re also proud of our collaboration with farmers and partnering organizations that help make a more balanced meal accessible for everyone.  Our goal is to help farmers do this using fewer resources and having a smaller impact on the environment.  We know people have different points of view on these topics, and it’s important that they’re able to express and share them.

To learn more about Monsanto’s collaborations, partnerships and work, please visit our company’s website; our Partnerships & Projects page; a special page on our collaboration with the New Vision for Agriculture; our latest Sustainability Progress Report; the Monsanto blog; or our Viewpoints section.

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  • jad

    HAHA monsanto says they are trying to help farmers…its more like making them there very own slaves dependent on the “company” for there EVERy needs. So man chemicals in there GMO seed they can’t even reproduce themselves so the farmer MUST (and will be sued if they don’t) re-buy seed from ONLY them..Bunch of killers and crooks are what they really are.. How many billions of bees have to die before they are stopped!!??!??!??

  • jad

    By the way, most monsanto products are BANNED in Europe and many parts of Asia. I guess people there think scientific evidence trumps dirty politicians and the holy dollar. .

  • Steven Sweeney

    Monsanto and their poison must be stopped! Even obozo is in their back pocket, passing the “farmers assurance provision” known as the Monsanto protection Act. Obozo eats 30k blue plate dinners at our expense, not this liberal elite frankenfood. Stop Monsanto and Impeach Obama! The American people shouldn’t have to stomach either one!

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    They should have free speech zones for these right wing rural hicks just like the bundy ranch had a fenced in area of 10’x10′ for the hicks.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      That’s really not a bad idea, but you got it wrong again, Steven – er, I mean the phony ByeBye.

      It was BUSH who banished ALL protesters to small fenced areas 1/2 a mile from where he would speak – just like he did here in St. Louis several times. No, the Bundy hicks were free to roam the land – OUR land – with their horses and their guns drawn with children around and just be the pathetic violent rednecks they so badly wanna be. No attempts to corral or control them was made – that was the problem. They should all be in prison for terrorism and making threats against law enforcement. But because America is owned and operated by rich hicks, they were allowed to roam like cattle. Git yer facts straight, boy.

  • rose

    ByeBye,does your comment mean that you agree with Monsanto’s operations, what and how they are doing their business? I would think you of all people would be against them.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Rose, this was another illiterate and uneducated posting by the phony ByeBye, who is far too weak-minded to make any good arguments himself so must resort to dissing the other side by pretending their arrogant nonsensical rants look like they’re coming from the other side. But he’s an incurable radical right-wing Tea Party extremist, so he can’t help himself. And I believe you know something about that yourself.

      P.S. I strongly condemn Monsanto’s GMOs and the sleezy way they treat consumers and farmers. On this point I believe Steven – er, I mean the phony ByeBye – you and I all agree! I’m all for these protesters, and yes, Steven has a point: even Obama went to bat for Monsanto by supporting that act – BUT I believe he did so only to try to get some measure of civilized compromise with House Republicans in other areas, and that obviously hasn’t panned out. A big corporation like Monsanto proves that when there’s big money involved, almost ALL politicians stand with their wealthy pig friends in corporate America. But how Republicans are any BETTER in this area escapes me.

      • nowhere freeway

        as opposed to the illiterate, uneducated, weak minded postings you put out on a daily basis……

      • Steven Sweeney

        Way to excuse Obozo hooking up Monsanto.Even though you thought you were cute when you impersonated me, I would never sully my name by taking your wretched moniker.Just ONE more thing you’re wrong about. If Bye BYe said the sun was coming up tomorrow, I would buy candles and flashlights, because he has NEVER been right about a single thing.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    It’s typical of Monsanto to respond to this protest and this criticism with another blatant, phony, self-serving lie – that they care about farmers, or people, or consumers. They care about enriching their already fat pocketbooks for their stockholders, period. Nothing else matters, including the farmers.

    And because I worked there for a couple years as a IT systems contractor consultant, I can say it’s one of the biggest bunch of brain-dead sheep for employees I’ve ever worked with in my life. They hire absolutely life-less robots who do what they’re told, when they’re told to do it, because for the most part none of them had any particular skills or talents from which to make a living so had to resort to being compliant sheep to make the big bucks at Monsanto. So I don’t trust their technology OR their people, either. Just a bunch of greedy, talent-less opportunists, all.

    Some day we will come around to realizing what they are doing is SO WRONG and needs to be stopped, so we can reverse the damage already done to crops and our environment with their worthless trash they produce.

    • DRC

      AMEN! Love your statement! When we didn’t know about this yet our children were showing us in their behavior. One of my boys had (notice HAD) ADHD. When we figured out what was causing the issues it was GMO and Gluten derived from wheat that subsequently was also GMO. We started eating locally and only Organics. He has not been on any pharmaceutical for ADHD for over two almost three years now. So know this Monsanto; We are not going anywhere. We are not the sheeple soceity that you wish us to be. We are thinking beings that are not giving in or sitting in the fog of Roundup. We will increase numbers again and again until you’re stopped and held accountable for your crimes against humanity.

  • Mom

    Politicians in the US have lined their pockets with Monsanto’s cash (and oil companies and so on) and can’t see beyond the end of their noses. They don’t care about the people, what’s wrong or right, what legacy they are leaving for this country as long as they are living a very comfy life now. They keep feeding the machine, as long as it they don’t get hungry nothing will change.

  • Anne H-K

    Isn’t it wonderful at the end I the article there is a list of MonSatan’s sites for info, but not one resource for the consumer to look at the opposition info. Typical. *sigh*

  • Mike Stone

    Put labels on everything that is genetically altered? Of course, if you know anything whatsoever about genetics, you’ll find that they will have to label EVERYTHING. So many people do an irrational knee jerk reaction to words like “genetically altered”, “chemical” and “radiation”. Mostly because they have the instinctive fear that humans have of anything they don’t understand. Every living organism on the planet is “genetically altered”, from the moment of it’s conception, and continuously throughout it’s life. It occurs naturally, all around us, and much of it has nothing to do with any human intervention. The same way people get hysterical over “chemicals” without even knowing why. I know a guy who won’t drink diet soda because it has a warning that it contains “Phenylalanine”. “I don’t want that stuff in my body”. When I told him that Phenylalanine is a common amino acid that is essential to the human body, he threw a fit. Your body produces it. Did you know that human breast milk contains Phenylalanine? Uh oh. How’s that fit into the “all natural” philosophy. The only reason there are warnings against it is because a small percentage of people are born with a genetic (there’s that word again) defect called Phenylketonuria. Their body can’t metabolize Phynalalanine. So they have to be careful how much they consume.

    I’m not saying Monsanto is as pure as snow. I work for a major corporation. I KNOW how they work. But hysterical reactions to things you don’t understand help no one.

    OK, I’ve had my say now. So it’s time for all you progressive, enlightened people who constantly holler about “free speech” to have fun bashing and flaming me. Go ahead and call me names. Show us your level of education and upbringing by calling anyone who dares disagree “right wing rural hicks”, and other assorted put downs I’ve seen in the above posts. And never let it occur to you that by insisting that you are 100% right in your beliefs and by immediately attempting to silence any dissenting opinions, you make yourselves no better than those you claim to fight against.

    • DRC

      I hardly call our reactions hysterical Mike. While your example is interesting it has nothing to do with what we are fighting against. Why in the world would we want chemicals in our food and body that are simply unnatural and in a long run poisonous to our systems and to our earth? This is where the problems lie. If GMO were a source that was showing improvement in our world not only in yields but also in standard nutrition and wasn’t an issue on our health or environment we would not fight whatsoever. But Mike that just is not the case. Take my above example. My son was a nightmare to deal with at times as his behavior was all over. It was literally like having extra children around. For one we never wanted to medicate him. We had no choice. It was when we really started noticing that after eating specific types of food that he would go to the deep end. We began researching food and effects on behavior. Why was this happening etc. We realized that every time we had glutinous foods and foods that were at some portion GMO. We cut it all out. It has been almost 3 years without any meds for him and you would never know there were issues ever. Really do your own research on our side and I guarantee you will see our vision. Bt-Toxin becomes part of our DNA within the digestive tract. The herbicides they are using are killing bee’s and butterflies. Two major carriers of pollen. That in itself is a major problem. Monsanto has never gone through the proper channels of getting approved. They have always been sneaky and they underestimate everyone. In the long run GMO has helped no one. We have a God given right to save seeds and plant at our discretion, not because they tell us we can or cannot. There are so many critical errors on their part. Really Mike please do your research.

      • Mike Stone

        Sorry, I don’t buy it. You talk about not wanting “unnatural” chemicals in your body. Then you talk about your son’s problems with gluten. Gluten is a 100% natural substance, found in many grains. Monsanto doesn’t have anything to do with it. Gluten is a protein that is greatly beneficial to the vast majority of people who consume it. Only those with a sensitivity to gluten, such as those afflicted with Coeliac’s Disease, have problems with it. A significant number of people who put themselves on a gluten free diet, don’t need to be, and don’t even understand why.

        This fear of anything “unnatural” while embracing only “natural” things is irrational at best. I can name thousands of extremely harmful substances all around us that are 100% natural, some of which are created in our own bodies as a result of our normal metabolic processes. Botulism toxin is 100% natural. But one form of this toxin is considered by many experts to be the most toxic substance on Earth. It’s certainly near the top. On the other hand, chemical and pharmaceutical companies around the world have created substances that have been vastly beneficial to man. I have a genetic heart condition that causes my heart to beat very erratically. Until I started taking this little white pill. Truly a miracle of modern technology. It is as “unnatural” is they come, but it regulates my heart beat and allows me to live a normal life. Without it, I would have died long ago. A chemical is a chemical. No more. No less. There are good chemicals and bad ones. Some are natural, some aren’t. Life itself is a chemical reaction. Everything that happens in your body is a chemical reaction.

        So, have some chemical companies created bad stuff? Yep. I have friends who wish they’d never even heard of Agent Orange. But that doesn’t automatically make anything “unnatural” a bad thing. Be careful you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

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