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Bike camera captures head-on collision

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Many cyclists experience close calls in traffic.  This man decieded to record the mayhem with a camera attached to his bike.

Cars and trucks honk and whiz by the bicyclist.  The final scene in the video shows the rider being hit by a car. The YouTube description reads, “This is why I ride with a camera on my bike.”


      • Steven Sweeney

        WRONG! Cyclist never once used a hand signal to turn or obey traffic lights. Also he rode in the FAST lane the entire time.idiots like this are causing the accidents.The person that hit him was at fault this time, but this dimwit is causing gridlock and ignoring traffic laws.

      • Robert

        He never made a turn to have to use hand signals, he stopped at the red light, and he was riding either in the bike lane or on the left hand side of the road which, if you would have payed attention to the flow of traffic, is where the slow lane would be considering other vehicles are driving on the left hand side of the road.

    • George Jordan III

      Levi, not having sympathy for another human being after being harmed and having their life threatened is sign of social apathy, which can be a symptom of pathological behavior with sociopathic tendencies. I feel bad for everyone who has ever had the misfortune of interacting with you.

    • Robert

      You say that when he WAS obeying the laws while it was others negligence which caused the crash.

    • George Jordan III

      Thanks for your input, Lori!

      Motorists must obey the same traffic laws that bicycle riders do. They are just asking for the thousands of annual deaths!

  • Martha young'Turner

    Too many of these bicyclist do not obay the laws and do dangerous moves in traffic. You can be set at a light waiting to turn with your signal on an have a cyclist ride up on your side then get mad at you for almost turning into them. This video I think this guy was trying to get hit.

    • George Jordan III

      He was cut off several times because the motorists were too self-important to yield a few seconds to passing safely. Your logic is also hilariously/tragically flawed. “Too many bicyclists fail to observe traffic laws. This is why it is ok for them to get hit, even when they ARE following traffic laws.” Unless you were invoking arbitrary antecedents, your consequent does not follow. Observe: “Unicorns do not exist. That is why most drivers are too retarded not to kill each other.”

  • Randi

    This guy was obeying every traffic rule, staying in the bike lane at all times unless forced out by the bad behavior of a car driver. What kind of human being would say he was asking for being hit?

  • Kristin

    He had no stop sign, no stop light, no reason to yield to a car turning into on coming traffic (yes, a bicyclist is considered part of traffic). Anyone suggesting he was asking for it by staying in his bike lane and obeying traffic laws is ignorant and probably the same type of people who cause bicyclists to get severely hurt because they refuse to learn how to drive properly.

  • Nick

    All your life from walking till driving you are told “stay out of the street” for a reason. I have to register, insure, and license my road vehicles, and pay road taxes. You want bicycles to be treated like cars? Thats stupid and idiotic. Especially when 95% of bicyclists on the road are for pleasure, then they ride during both rush hours. They are just looking to cause issues. I have never been riding my bike in 32 years and had even a close call because I don’t ride in places bikes don’t belong……period.

    • Robert

      Riding in places bikes don’t belong? It’s a bike lane. Emphasis on BIKE. Better than just riding on the shoulder. At least bike lanes are marked.

    • George Jordan III

      Nick, your stupidity amazes me. You are ignorant to those that choose alternative forms of transportation for commuting to work/school ( your ridiculous statistic of 95% is wholly unfounded and is a mere conjuring of your imagination). You have to pay taxes for your use of vehicle because of the wear and tear that happens as a result of automobile travel. You will never see roads deteriorate at typical rates if they are primarily used by bicycles. Bicycles should not be treated like cars because they are not cars (analytic truth). They DO deserve the same rights and respect as everyone else because they are human beings. I do not ride to “cause issues”. That has been the role of motorists. You own a car, not the road. Son.

  • Dazzette

    That guy was riding that bike with no regards to other traffic. Granted, some of the car swerved or switched lanes towards him but that last bit where he hit that car was clearly his own fault. He went right through that intersection without stopping or alowing down at all. I also saw him riding on the road when there was a sidewalk. So what if you have to slow down for pedestrians? If you are in a hurry, get a car. It will get you where you are going faster.

    • Glen

      Dazzette, you were clearly not watching, and clearly have NO knowledge of the rules of the road. For one, the rest of the traffic he was driving with didn’t stop at that intersection either, which means there was NOT a stop sign and they had a GREEN light. Do YOU stop at intersections where there air no stop signs? Do YOU stop at GREEN lights? If so, you probably have rear end damage on your car. And, by the way, a bicycle rider has every right to be on the ROAD and isn’t restricted to the sidewalk.

    • Robert

      I don’t think you were watching the same video I saw. He was following all the rules of the road, it was the fault of the drivers not paying attention. The road is a place for bikes as well.

    • George Jordan III

      No, Dazzette, you’re wrong. If I am in a hurry, I do not need to get a car. If I want to have easier access to drive-through fast food, pay more money taxes and upkeep, dread my morning commute as well as my monotonous and painfully unfulfilling life, and contribute to overcrowded urban streets, THEN I should get a car.

  • Dazzette

    Yeah just watched it again. That car was going through the intersection long before he got there. He is the one who did not yield to the other driver.

    • Glen

      Try it again Dazzette. Actually try pausing it a few times right before the moment of impact. The white car turned into the path of the bicycle. It’s actually very clear.

    • Robert

      You don’t have to yield to someone when you don’t have a stop sign and they do. He had the right of way.

    • Bill

      Viewing frame by frame, the car was just entering shadow and the sun was directly behind the cyclist. Right in the drivers’ eyes looking toward the cyclist. Which doesn’t excuse the driver – but it is a contributing factor. In my experience (40 years driving, million+ miles – 2 minor collisions and 1 accident.) The proximate cause of most collisions is: Nobody shows any respect for anyone else using the road and Everybody has to get there yesterday & anyone in the way better watch out for themselves.

    • George Jordan III

      Dazzette, I am not sure how traffic laws operate in your freak imagination world, but if you are traveling in a straight line, with no stoplight or stop sign, you have the right of way to continue straight. If you are making a turn, regardless of direction, and others have the right of way, it is your responsibility to yield to that person.

      I can explain this slower and in more detail if you still can’t get this.

    • George Jordan III

      It’s a catch-22, Arthur. If we ride fast enough to keep up with the flow of traffic, we are being reckless. If we are riding slower than the surrounding traffic, we are considered a nuisance. It all comes down to a lack of respect based on something as arbitrary as a purchasing decision (bike/car).

  • bob jenkins

    not feeling much sympathy, other than another human being hurt, he has a responsibility to obey traffic laws also, and even motorcycle are loud for a reason to get the attention of other drivers, something smaller than a car in traffic can be hard to see and is easily put in peoples blind spot in a mirror, at this rate the only think that camera is going to catch is his own death……hope he learned from his mistakes

    • George Jordan III

      I agree, Bob. The cyclist does have the responsibility of obeying traffic laws. In this video, however, I can only see motorists breaking the law by driving recklessly and needlessly putting a man’s life in danger.

      What mistakes did he make with the exception of choosing to put up with terrible drivers and their sense of entitlement? Please, Bob, tell me what mistake he made, other than choosing to put himself at the mercy of homicidal maniacs that cannot control their emotions when behind a steering wheel. Please, I am waiting.

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