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Decoding the true meaning behind a smile

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(KTVI)- Not all smiles convey the same emotion. Just because we're smiling doesn't mean we are happy.

Body language expert, Jennifer Rigdon, talks about some ways to decode a smile and spot a genuine smile.

The Genuine Smile
Pure, spontaneous happiness

What it looks like: The lips spread up and out toward the cheekbones, the cheeks lift, and the skin under the lower eyelids bunches—and crow's-feet (a.k.a. laugh lines) form at the outer corners of the eyes.
The Angry Smile
Someone is either ticked off and trying to cover it up with a grin, or is actually happy but pretending to be angry.

What it looks like: A closed-mouth smile, with the lips tightened. The inside corners of the eyebrows are lowered and drawn together.
The Sad Smile
The person is either trying to hide sad feelings with a smile, or deliberately trying to convey that while things are not great now, they will get better.

What it looks like: The corners of the mouth go up slightly, forming a small smile. Though the brows are lowered, the inside corners of the brows go up, sometimes causing wrinkles to form across the middle of the forehead.
The Relieved Smile
Someone realizes that she has just escaped a potentially nasty situation.

What it looks like: The smile takes on a normal shape, but the brows are lowered, which causes a slight wrinkle to form between the eyes; reflecting some leftover anxiety.
The Embarassed Smile
This type of smile is usually involuntary and is used to suppress uncomfortable feelings and smooth over awkward incidents.

What it looks like: A low-wattage grin. The corners of the mouth extend slightly outward, and the lips are sometimes pressed tightly together. The eyes look away, either shifting from side to side or staring downward.