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Festus Police investigating rock throwing from interstate overpass

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FESTUS, MO (KTVI) – Michael Sardo calls it a real shock.  Someone tossed a rock over a Festus overpass causing $217 worth of damage to his son’s Chrysler 300.

“Someone could have died,” said Sardo.

Festus police say at least 4 vehicles were damaged in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 25th.  The first report of damage came just after 3 am.  Vehicles were stuck on the hood and windshield just under the Main Street overpass on Interstate 55.  Vehicles in both the north and southbound lanes sustained damage.

A Ford Expedition had windshield damage the size of a basketball.  A female passenger was treated and released from an area hospital after shards of glass entered her eyes.   She also complained of shoulder pain.  Police found a large piece of asphalt in the back seat of the Expedition.  The driver was not injured.
Sardo believes his son is fortunate even though the windshield was damaged.

“He could have been injured.  He could have been knocked out and just drove into an opposing lane,” said Sardo.

He hopes the person or persons responsible will be punished, but hopes more than anything no one will throw rocks over any overpass.

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  • Joyce

    This happened to me once in St. Peter’s. Scared me half to death! Smashed in my windshield. Easily could have caused an accident. Very dangerous.

  • NB

    People forget that 10 or 11 years ago a Russian immigrant mother was killed by a hunk of rock tossed off of an overpass on I-70 on the North side. That’s why when they re-did the highways through that zoo all the overpasses have high fences. They had to put up the cages to keep the animals from killing people by throwing stuff off the overpasses. Animals.

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