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Former judge Michael Cook set to report to jail

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(KTVI) – Former St. Clair County Judge Michael Cook is scheduled to report to federal prison Wednesday.  Cook was sentenced to two years after pleaded guilty to misdemeanor heroin and felony weapons possession.

Cook was at the center of a scandal that included the death of former associate county judge, Joe Christ who died from a cocaine overdose.

Cook was not charged in that case. He will report to a Pensacola, Florida prison Wednesday.

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    So, what was he doing all this time BEFORE reporting for sentencing? Vacationing in Belize? Hunting with his redneck huntin’ buddies? As usual, I guess the privileged in our society get special privileges most convicted felons don’t get.

    And he’s going to a Pensacola prison? Is this the “prison farm” where “men are forced to live like Kings?” (From an old National Lampoon album LOL) Is this a special prison for privileged members of society who get rewarded for serving the wealthy after a conviction? Do they have “brutal beatings” there (“I guess chess just isn’t your game, Mike”)?? Do they change into their formal dinner clothes for dinner? Probably.

    Meanwhile, the two-bit trivial criminals HE convicted and sentenced are probably still cramped in small cells with 10 other guys, serving 10 years for some trivial crack possession or shoplifting that hurt nobody.

    Isn’t American justice wonderful? WELL WORTH the $800 BILLION we spend defending it every year – every penny! Well, it certainly is worth it for the rich and privileged!

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