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Healthy foods that could be bad for your teeth

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(KTVI) – Several foods that could be good for your heart and immune system could be bad for your teeth.

According to dental Dr. Jeff Dalin, citrus foods and drinks can erode enamel for good. He recommends chasing a glass of juice with a big glass of water. He also said that citric acid can leave enamel soft immediately after ingestion. So, he advised that people brush their teeth 20 minutes later.

He also said whole almonds can cause tooth fractures. A simple fix is to switch to the sliced variety.

Dr. Dalin also said pickled foods can break down minerals necessary for strong teeth. He said eating cheese can help get rid of those chemicals used in the pickling process.

Only two cups of coffee can darken a white smile. Dr. Dalin recommends drinking coffee through a straw and possibly switching to iced coffee.

He also said peanut butter and dried fruit can leave you vulnerable to cavities, because they stick to your teeth longer and could contain sugar. He suggested switching to sugar-free natural peanut butter. Those who love dried fruit can swish water in their mouths for a few seconds and brush 20 minutes later.