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Lawmakers looks at spending, anti-violence program

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SPRINGFIELD, IL (AP) – The Illinois Legislature will resume work Wednesday with four days left in its scheduled legislative session.

The Legislative Audit Commission is planning to review the Illinois Auditor General’s scathing audit of Gov. Pat Quinn’s troubled anti-violence initiative Wednesday morning.

Lawmakers are also expected to consider a supplemental spending plan for the current fiscal year and whether to expand Medicaid spending to restore dental care and podiatry services.

Lawmakers’ action comes on the heels of the House’s approval a $35.7 billion spending plan Tuesday.

Leading Democrats, including Gov. Pat Quinn, have pushed for making Illinois’ temporary income tax increase permanent.

But House Speaker Michael Madigan said he didn’t have enough “yes” votes in his chamber, where all members face re-election in November.

The budget plan now heads to the Senate.