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Nixon says tax breaks could cost local governments

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ST. LOUIS (AP) _ Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is amplifying his opposition to a series of tax breaks passed by lawmakers.

Nixon said Wednesday the tax breaks could cost local governments $351 million of revenues annually. That’s on top of what Nixon’s administration projects as a $425 million annual reduction in state tax revenues.

The Democratic governor was traveling to St. Louis and Kansas City to make his point about the potential hit to local governments.

Republican lawmakers have disputed some of the cost projections.

Legislators passed about two-dozen tax breaks for specific industries, organizations or consumers. Some of those would exempt sales taxes for expenses by computer data centers, electric companies and restaurants.

Nixon has said he will make vetoes or budget cuts in response to the tax breaks.

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Well, of COURSE they will! Nixon speaks the truth here, unlike those lying Tea Party Republicans dominating the Missouri Congress.

    Of COURSE this will cost local governments, then of COURSE they will raise sales and property taxes! That’s EXACTLY what Republicans WANT!

    It is no secret Republicans simply want to transfer the tax burden from the wealthy to the poor and working class, simple as that.

    And anybody who votes FOR that Missouri Transportation SALES TAX INCREASE this August is simply helping the process along. Working class people need to VOTE NO on that redistribution of wealth from working class to the wealthy. Vote NO to the phony Transportation Tax that really will pay for the big income tax cut the wealthy got.

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