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School buses caught on camera speeding

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Myckel Wiggers and his wife say they were driving along I-44 east at 11:45 Tuesday afternoon when they saw three Go-Ahead school buses packed with young children wiz by.  They have an 11- year -old daughter who rides the same buses and were horrified by what they saw. The couple believes the buses were going close to 80 miles per hour.

'Kids were running around on the bus while the bus was driving they were throwing clothes out of the window on the highway. I thought it was outrageous I took the video camera out and taped it. I could barely keep up and one of them was right there on the back of a car trying to pass me up I had to move out of the way and sped up.' said Wiggers

While driving the speed limit Wiggers says he couldn`t keep up with the buses. He clocked them with a cell phone to illustrate how fast the buses may have been going.

"They were going in and out of traffic , in and out of lanes and passing on the left passing on the right they were racing each other.' Wiggins said

FOX2 contacted Go-Ahead North America owner John Benish Jr. who released the following statement:

"We don`t condone unsafe driving, and do have good drivers.  The drivers have plenty of time to get to and from locations. They are expected to follow the laws.  Our buses have GPS and cameras on board.  We will investigate and if needed appropriate action will be taken."

Wigger says he hopes that drivers understand their actions can be captured at any time.

'Slow down for the kids on the bus it`s your future,' he said

FOX2 will follow-up on this story and post future updates.

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  • Desanka Turkaj

    I also witnessed three school buses speeding and dangerously weaving in and out of traffic going north on I 44 on a different day later in the afternoon. This is not a one time occurrence.

  • joe harper

    how do you know how fast the bus was traveling if you were obeying the speed limit? are you trained in speed detection?

    • Leslie

      @Joe Don’t be such an a**! Obviously, this story is hitting close to home for you and you’re reacting like an idiot. The story says “While driving the speed limit Wiggers says he couldn`t keep up with the buses”. He speed up to 80 mph and still was having a hard time keeping up. You don’t have to be “trained in speed detection” to know that if you are traveling behind a vehicle at 80 mph and the gap between you keeps growing that they are traveling faster than 80 mph. If you can’t figure that out maybe you need to jump on one of those speeding buses and ride it back to school.

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