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Upset veteran vents at Sen. Blunt over VA care

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Veteran’s across the nation have been upset over the recent allegations that veterans have died waiting to get medical care at VA hospitals. Whistle-blowers have even said that some facilities created secret list for prioritized care.

Some of that anger was directed at Missouri U.S. Senator Roy Blunt as he held a press conference at the John Cochran VA facility on north Grand Wednesday morning. An upset veteran scolded Senator Blunt on the lack of action by lawmakers on fixing problems at the VA.

Blunt was at the hospital to discuss about claims that it takes veterans more than 3o days to get mental health care.


  • Henry Baca

    I was discharged honorably out of the U.S. Army.I was trained as a Combat Medic/Practical Nurse.I was being seen for a disease by John Cochran VA facility on north Grand in St.Louis.Every time I had a appointment there was a lengthy delay to be seen.One nightmarish day I made the decision not to go back.This is what happened.I was in the blood drawing room and sitting in the chair waiting when I seen labels with my name on it.The blood drawer proceeded to put the labels on a test tube of blood.I stopped her and said that’s not my blood.She then got out of her seat and asked the person who was providing the labels whose blood was it.She then replied with another name when she was interrupted by another blood drawer who said that person decided not to get blood drawn that day but will return to get their blood drawn which concerned me that they might have been mislabeling all day.I refused my blood to be drawn and then reported the incident to the doctor who then told me that what I was telling him is a doctors worst nightmare and he would take care of it.Needless to say I never returned.It seems that we have more to worry about than just waiting times.

    • GlennonMayer

      The lab there they are always having to much fun and will stop to talk with every guy who is trying to get a date. But of course that is true of all the clinic. the hole joint has a race problem. Of course no one will say it to the press or Blent.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    That’s good he vented at Blunt, a phony Republican, because this problem started and flared up to what it is under the Bush administration with his Republican majority in Congress, who were too busy handing out tax breaks for the wealthy and starting wars based on lies than they were with passing budgets that paid for health care for the veterans they claim to care so much about.

    All Republican’s talk about how they are the party who will take care of our military veterans and supposedly claiming to stand behind our military so much is just so much phony lip service, as then they cut the VA budget, and hand the savings over to another wealthy turd as a tax break. After all, tax breaks for the wealthy have been, are, and will remain the ultimate, #1 absolute single overwhelming concern for Republicans, as if it’s difficult to figure that out.

    So this guy should ask Mr. Blunt to re-instate some of the cuts Republicans made to the VA during the Bush years, even if it means taking away a tax break or welfare handout to their wealthy friends.

    • EnoughPC

      Nope, in fact VA funding increased faster under Bush, than any previous President. Va funding under Bush went from 47 billion to 94.3 billion in just 8 years. In 2003, VA funding went from 51 billion to 59 billion dollars. Va Funding increased 23% in just the first two years of the Bush administration. That’s as much as it had, in all 8 years of the Clinton administration. I do so love the drunken babble of a left wing nut bag, who can’t hold a job due to his big mouth. Yet, claims to be “Tops in his field” How can one be “Tops” in their field when they have not worked in 5 years? Interesting view, I must say.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Wrong as usual.Obozo has FALSELY promised to clean up VA since he was a senator, another job he was unqualified for.PC’s numbers are spot on and Obozo could fix this single payer nightmare with his”pen and phone” but with no illegals or terrorists benefiting, he doesn’t care.Just another broken phony promise like: phony stimulus, shovel ready jobs,closing gitmo,keeping your healthcare plan, and many more. Obozo sure trots out the military human props for the PR though.The dog eating disgrace even closed the WW 2 memorial to our vets.Meanwhile illegals get healthcare on our dime, and convicted terrorists at still open gitmo get healthcare the same day.The only thing phonier than Obozo’s promises are the sheep that support him.

  • Patricia Flores

    I went in to get an Appt for Mental health in Feb and my Appt is finally Monday June 2nd. 4 MONTHS

  • Mrs Chumbly

    My brother in laws neighbor was told there was nothing wrong with him mentally by the VA,that he was fine, in weeks he committed suicide-there was something wrong. It is so sad his family & friends had to go thru this because he didn’t get the mental attention he needed.

    • EnoughPC

      Yet it is ok for our idiot president to steal from the middle class and lie that he has given us a tax break. Then doubles, triples and quadruples our medical premiums. Blunt is shameful???????

      • jen

        FYI, the majority of politicians are shameful. Quit making this a left vs right issue, because it’s not. Historically our veterans have been screwed over by both parties. This is precisely why nothing gets done, everything always turns into a tit for tat argument. Someone on the right screws up, a rebub brings up something someone on the left did wrong and vice versa. We all need to focus on the issues and hold all of our elected officials responsible regardless of party. United we stand, divided we fall.

  • Kim

    Problem is lack of staff…money is not being funded for what is important. Jefferson Barracks is getting a brand new building…a building that will not be for veteran care. We need more providers in all clinics. Our veterans deserve so much better than this.

  • shannon o'guinn

    i must say i wouldn’t let this hspital treat a mouse yes i said it this hospital is responsible for overdoseing my step dad with botox he received over 1200 mg in a 3 month period and thats i believe 4 injections a body is only to have 300 mg in a 3 months period the doctor admitted to the overdose its written in the records since then he has had many surgerys to stay alive and yet this hospital wants this to be kept quiet they are killing there paitents and they dont care its sad to see what my step dad has gone thru he has no gag reflux, had too feed off tubs, on oxygen he has deteriated and they a are responsible at john cocran hospital i want this out to the public because what has happened to him could happen to other veterans there all because the doctor didnt read his charts

  • Paul W. F. Summers

    My brother in law fought 2 tours in the latest war. He served with the U.S. Marine Corps and lived in Illinois. After his second tour his mind was a complete mess. He self medicated and ended up going to the VA for help with the mental issues. They sent him to some kind of rehab for his addictions. They delayed his treatment and kept delaying it until they finally gave him a date, but it was too late. A few weeks before he was supposed to go he died. The VA doesn’t do anything to help the mental health of these veterans. Some of his fellow troops were facing a lot of the same battles yet they don’t get the proper care.

  • Theresa

    First off not sure what is going on with VA, my hubby goes to the Columbia va hospital for cancer treatments and he has gotten wonderful care, I can tell you you can get bad care anywhere va or not or mismanagement of any kind. It took me 4 months to get mental health care and I don’t go to the va mine is a regular doctor. So should I complain? No you just learn to deal with it. The health care system is all about money. VA or not. My hubby has been to 2 VA hospitals and gotten wonderful care.

  • Tony D

    Somebody please proofread the articles before posting them. Typos and spelling errors discredit legitimate reporting.

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